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Message definition (Dictionary:Polar anisotropy)
[[File:Segt13.jpg|thumb|FIG. T-13. <b>Transverse isotropy</b>. <b>(a)</b> Wavefront with vertical axis of symmetry (TIV); <b>(b)</b> with horizontal symmetry axis (TIH) leading to azimuthal anisotropy; <b>(c)</b> phase (wavefront) angle &#x03B8; and group (ray) angle '' for transverse isotropy; <b>(d)</b> elliptical wavefront where &#x03B5;=&#x2013;&#x03B4;; in this case ''V''<sub>NMO</sub>&#x003E;''V''<sub>vertical</sub>; <b>(e)</b> anisotropic wavefront where &#x03B5;=&#x03B4;; in this case ''V''<sub>NMO</sub>&#x003C;''V''<sub>vertical</sub>; <b>(f)</b> wavefront for tilted symmetry axis; <b>(g)</b> wave equations for transverse isotropy.]]
TranslationIsotropía transversal

Isotropía transversal