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Message definition (Dictionary:Acoustic positioning)
{{#category_index:A|acoustic positioning}}
<b>1</b>. Determining location using sonar waves, as by [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Doppler_sonar|''Doppler-sonar'']] (q.v.) or locating with respect to fixed sonar transponders. <b>2</b>. Determining the distance between elements of a towed array by measuring traveltimes between the elements. <b>3</b>. Determining the positions of ocean-bottom seismometers by timing arrivals from first arrivals in production surveying or from specific positioning shots.
Translation用声纳波来测定位置,如用多普勒声纳[[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Doppler_sonar|''Doppler-sonar'']] (q.v.)定位或相对于固定的声纳传感器进行定位。

用声纳波来测定位置,如用多普勒声纳Doppler-sonar (q.v.)定位或相对于固定的声纳传感器进行定位。