Thomas Davis

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Thomas Davis
Thomas L. Davis headshot.png

Thomas L. Davis, PhD., is a Professor of Geophysics at Colorado School of Mines and Director of the Reservior Characterization Project (RCP) in the Department of Geophysics.

He is active in the Society of Exploration Geophysicists as an organizer for technical conferences, workshops and continuing education programs and has served as SEG’s Second Vice President, Technical Program Chairman, and Distinguished Lecturer. He received the C.J. Mackenzie Award from the Engineering College of the University of Saskatchewan, the Milton B. Dobrin Award from the University of Houston, and the Dean’s Excellence and Melvin F. Coolbaugh Memorial Awards from the Colorado School of Mines. He was a co-recipient of the best poster award of the SEG in 2009 for a presentation on multicomponent seismic applications to tight gas fractured reservoir characterization.

Research interests include seismic interpretation, integrated exploration and development, and reservoir characterization.[1]