The North Sea Volve Data Village

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Equinor has made a complete set of data from a North Sea oil field available for research, study and development purposes.

The Volve field in the Norwegian North Sea: 2008—2016. The Volve oil field, located 200 kilometres west of Stavanger at the southern end of the Norwegian sector, was decommissioned in September 2016 after 8.5 years in operation, more than twice as long as originally planned. The development was based on production from the Mærsk Inspirer jack-up rig, with Navion Saga used as a storage ship to hold crude oil before export. Gas was piped to the Sleipner A platform for final processing and export. Volve reached a recovery rate of 54% and in March 2016 the licence decided to shut down its production permanently. The field was originally scheduled for 3-5 years of operation. At plateau Volve produced some 56,000 barrels per day and delivered a total of 63 million barrels.

  • Location: About 200 kilometres west of Stavanger at the southern end of the Norwegian sector
  • Production start: 12 February 2008
  • Production end: 17 September 2016
  • Production: Oil

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