Svein Ellingsrud

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Svein Ellingsrud
Svein Ellingsrud headshot.jpg
Latest company EMGS

Svein Ellingsrud with Terje Eidesmo are the recipients of the 2007 SEG [[Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal Award]] for their work in the field of electromagnetics and reservior characterization.


Svein Ellingsrud has an MSc (1986) and a PhD (1990) in physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He joined Statoil in Trondheim in 1992 as a research scientist focusing on petrophysics, rock physics, geophysics and electromagnetic techniques. Svein was the project manager from 1997 for the internal Statoil project that later became the background for establishing EMGS. In 2002, Svein joined EMGS as one of its founders and became vice president for research and development. He had responsibility for all technology development within EMGS until May 2008. Svein was also chief technology officer from 2007 until May 2008. After one and a half years as an executive adviser to KMS Technologies, Inc., Svein rejoined EMGS in late 2009. Currently, he is the technical director of EMGS’s multi-client business unit. Svein has also served on several boards, including those of KMS Technologies and Sensor Developments AS.