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SEG Student Chapters empower students to spearhead projects that address issues, challenges, and/or opportunities related to SEG’s mission of promoting the science of geophysics.

With 321 student chapters in 63 countries, SEG Student Chapters give you the chance to enhance your education, jump-start your career, and build ties with the new generation of up-and-coming international geoscientists. For more information, visit SEG University and Student Resources.

Start a new SEG Student Chapter

Basic information on active student chapters are listed in alphabetical order. For those student chapters listed in red, we need your help in building your chapter's page. If you are a member, former member, or knowledgeable of any of the chapters listed, please update the information on your page.

Visit the FAQ and the wiki's help section for step-by-step instructions and wiki guides. Contact wiki‐at‐ for personalized support. Add [[Category: Student Chapters]] to your Student Chapter page to be automatically added to the Student Chapter category.


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