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 h English (en)Finding ''G''(''f'') from ''g''(''t'') is called [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Fourier analysis|Fourier analysis]] and finding ''g''(''t'') from ''G''(''f'') is called [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Fourier synthesis|Fourier synthesis]]. ''G''(''f'') is the [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:complex spectrum|complex spectrum]], the real part being the [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:cosine transform|cosine transform]] and the imaginary part the [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:sine transform|sine transform]] whenever ''g''(''t'') is real. Another expression for ''G''(''f'') is
 h Spanish (es)Obtener ''G''(''t'') de ''g''(''t'') se llama [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Fourier analysis|Análisis de Fourier]] y obtener ''g''(''t'') de ''G''(''t'') se llama [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Fourier analysis|Síntesis de Fourier]]. ''G''(''t'') es el [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:complex spectrum|espectro complejo]], la parte real [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:cosine transform|transformada coseno]] y la parte imaginaria es la [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:sine transform/es|transformada seno]] cuando ''g''(''t'') es real. Otra expresión para ''G''(''f'') es