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 h English (en){{#category_index:A|active}}
<b>1</b>. A system or circuit that includes an energy source. Often pertains to electronic elements such as amplifiers and filters. Compare [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:passive|''passive'']]. <b>2</b>. A method which involves artificially induced signals. For example, see [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:controlled-source_electromagnetics_(CSEM)|''controlled-source electromagnetics'']]. <b>3</b>. A positioning system that involves transmission from the mobile station that is to be located.
 h Spanish (es)<b>1</b>. Un sistema o circuito que incluye una fuente de energía. A menudo pertenece a elementos electrónicos como los amplificadores y los filtros. Comparar con [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:passive/es|''pasivo'']] (ver).<b>2</b>. Un método que involucra señales inducidas artificialmente. Por ejemplo, ver [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:controlled-source_electromagnetics_(CSEM)/es|''Método electromagnético de fuente controlada'']] (ver). <b>3</b>. Un sistema de posicionamiento que involucra la transmisión de la estación móvil que se va a ubicar.
 h Simplified Chinese (zh-hans)<b>1</b>.包含有能源的系统或线路。常常属于电子单元,如放大器和滤波器。比较[[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:passive|''passive'']].<b>2</b>.涉及到人工引入的信号的方法。比如[[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:controlled-source_electromagnetics_(CSEM)|''controlled-source electromagnetics'']]. <b>3</b>.一种包含流动测站的定位系统。