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  • The width of a boxcar with the same peak amplitude that contains the same energy.
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  • ...the energy. If an erroneous correlation is made into an adjacent trough or peak, one has <b>jumped a leg</b>.
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  • ...2&#x03C0; times the [[Special:MyLanguage/peak energy|peak energy]] to the energy dissipated in a cycle; the ratio of 2&#x03C0; times the power stored to the ...of factors other than absorption. ''E'' = energy, <math>\Delta E</math> = energy lost in one cycle, <math>\lambda</math> = wavelength, ''f'' = frequency, ''
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  • ...q.v.) or [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:S-wave|''S-waves'']] (q.v.). Wave energy that has traveled partly as a P-wave and partly as an S-wave is called a <b
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  • ...the width of a boxcar with the same peak amplitude which contains the same energy. <b>3</b>. To select for analysis data within specified bounds. <b>4</b>. A
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  • ...generate them, and are usually called 'primary microseisms'. The stronger peak, for shorter periods, is also due to surface gravity waves in water, but a ...of seismic energy is strongest when there are a significant amount of wave energy travelling in opposite directions. This occurs when swell from one storm me
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  • ...escribed as a discrete sum of a number of sinusoids — each with a unique peak amplitude, frequency, and a phase-lag (relative alignment). The ''analysis' ...efractions, coherent noise such as multiples, guided waves, side-scattered energy and ground roll, and ambient random noise.
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  • laboratory conjuring with the electonics—Gordon in his element and at the peak of his creativity. There is the construction, field-testing, data modeling/ Atomic Energy of Canada, is now
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  • ...or good reasons. Frank Clynch explains: "The big problem was isolating the energy source from the vehicle carrying it. Without proper isolation the force of ...conventional baseplates, and also in areas requiring a very low frequency energy source.
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  • notably the Hubbert curve and Hubbert peak theory (a basic component of Peak oil), with important political ramifications. He was often referred to as " ...dent document of that group which advocates a non-market economics form of energy accounting, in contrast to the current Price System method. Hubbert was a m
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  • a system for controlling the peak force of a vibrator using the energy sources. John’s method, now our industry’s standard,
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  • amplitude" existing at the detector or geophone. The peak amplitudes of the energy source, to near one-tenth of a microvolt some seconds later, a
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  • ...nding to midpoint 1; just five midpoints away, at midpoint 5, the migrated energy is very low. ...ty used in generating the model in Figure 5.4-23. Any displacement of peak energy from the ''t'' = ''τ'' image line means that the velocity value used for d
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  • ...fact, the wavelet was synthesized using the zero-phase sinusoids of equal peak amplitude. ...number|1.1-2}} An ensemble of sinusoidal motions with different frequency, peak amplitude, and phase-lag can be superimposed to synthesize a time-dependent
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  • ...roll, and some high-frequency ambient noise. The usable seismic reflection energy usually is confined to a bandwidth of approximately 10 to 70 Hz, with a dom be performed before [[deconvolution]] to suppress remaining ground-roll energy and high-frequency ambient noise that otherwise would contaminate signal au
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  • ...uares problem in which we must minimize the sum of the least-squares error energy between the observed traveltime picks ''t<sub>ij</sub>'' and the modeled tr ...ternatively, the rejected shift can be replaced by a secondary correlation peak value. Finally, the input CMP gathers must be NMO-corrected by using a regi
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  • # Compute the cumulative energy of the stacked traces from step (b) by summing the squared amplitudes. # Determine the correlation lag associated with the peak crosscorrelation value — this is the shot residual static shift.
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  • ...e 5.0-5b? No, it did not; instead, the energy represented by the semblance peak ''A'' in Figure 5.0-5a actually has moved to another CMP location in the up ...bserved on [[the velocity spectrum]] shown in Figure 5.0-9a. The semblance peak on the spectrum denoted by ''B'' represents the diffraction off the tip of
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  • ...elocity function that includes the 2500-m/s peak, rather than the 2750-m/s peak. DMO correction has partially migrated the steeply dipping event to another ...5.3-20. As a result of the partial [[migration]] effect of DMO correction, energy is moved from one CMP location to another. Consequently, reflection-point s
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  • ...ency variation is a function of bed thickness, as bed thickness decreases, peak frequency increases. ...the first λ/4. If the wavelength is larger than λ/4 from the zone where energy was reflected, then the resolution is lower.
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