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  •, and directing his students, he has published hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and contributions, and his work is cited more than 7000 times. This is a si ...ived numerous invitations to deliver lectures, short courses, and seminars all over the globe, from his native Argentina to Mexico, China, Japan, and thro
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  • ...i>[[Category: Women in geoscience]]</nowiki> tag at the bottom of relevant articles. ...ding Members" have been added. Even adding a brief note or [[Template:Stub|stub template]] will help other contributors and hopefully lead to additional in
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  • |Who = All SEG members and participants at the Annual Meeting, regardless of wiki expe * Add direct links to SEG library of articles and publications mentioned in bio
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  • === How accurate is the information within the SEG Wiki? Are the articles peer reviewed? === ...of our [[biographies]] have come from several SEG sources, including early articles of ''[[The Leading Edge]]'', SEG awards citations, and from authors who hav
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  • ...the cold waters. Blue, fin, humpback, right, minke, sei, and sperm whales all have healthy populations <ref name=natego /> Other closely related articles in this wiki include:
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  • {{geophysics-stub}} * '''SEG District Representatives:''' All SEG members have a voice: how to be closer to the SEG Governance
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  •</ref> These clean energy production efforts are all aimed at reducing the impacts current practices have on the Earth’s chang Other closely related articles in this wiki include:
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  • Not all clouds produce precipitation... In fact, most clouds do not. In those cloud Other closely related articles in this wiki include:
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  • and tissue samples by extracting the materials from fossils. Even with all the modern day advancements and technologies, Paleontologists still also us Other closely related articles in this wiki include:
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  • This article, along with the See also articles, reviews the physical and thermodynamic properties of gas, oil, and reservo ...nt pressure curve (see Figures 1 and 2), representing a unique state where all properties of the bubblepoint oil are identical to the dewpoint gas.
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