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  • * [[:Category:Student Chapters|SEG Student Chapters]] ==Student wikithon==
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  • ...sics) within the School of Geosciences who are actively engaged in our SEG student chapter with active participation in most of our events. Our chapter is com Current Student Officers:
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  • ...tudent-programs/sls Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) program]. The first student delegation was Nurfina Rachmawati from Geophysics Batch 2003. After that, S == Best Student Chapter ==
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  • '''SEG Student Chapter Kyiv''' (formally Kyiv University Geophysical Society) is the geoph ...Anaheim, CA Kyiv University Geophysical Society got the award The Best SEG Student Chapter 2018.
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  • ...icist, geologist, explorationist, engineer, energy adviser, economist, and student. [[Seismic Data Analysis]], SEG’s highest grossing book, was added short * [[:Category:Student Chapters|SEG Student Chapters]]
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  • ...g, Indonesia. We provide students with opportunities to network with other student leaders in the geophysics industry, share best practices, and advance their ...nd cooperation among those interested in the geophysical sciences. Student Chapters can organize and participate in a variety of programs, from courses to work
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  • ...hapter logo.png|thumb|279x279px|''The National Observatory Greenstone Belt Student Chapter'' logo]] The National Observatory Greenstone Belt Geophysical Society Student Chapter was founded in 2015, became official in 2016 and since then has bee
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  • ...lied Geophysics and the furtherance of the professional development of the Student Member." Since its establishment, the Chapter has worked enthusiastically w '''Student Engagement Program'''
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  • SEG BHOS SC-Society of Exploration Geophysicists Baku Higher Oil School Student Chapter established in 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a community that encour ...s and Petrophysics. The course was held in collaboration with the Kyiv SEG Student Chapter and a total of 25 participants from Romania, Ukraine, and Azerbaij
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  • ...y of Science and Technology Student Chapter''' (SEG KAUST SC) is an active Student Chapter located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. SEG KAUST SC was established in 20 In partial collaboration with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) KAUST Student Chapter, this full of joy and scientific riddles attracted dozens of gradua
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