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  • ...1932. He served on the heavy cruiser Augusta (CA-31) and destroyer Downes (DD-375), before taking postgraduate training in ordnance engineering. He then ...commanded the Atlantic Fleet. Waters was skipper of the destroyer Laffey (DD-724) during the Bikini atomic bomb tests in 1946. He later commanded the tr
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  • ...e same format – either the format used for publication dates, or YYYY-MM-DD. See: [[MOS:DATEUNIFY]].</ref>}}
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  • ...posited. Downlap is seen onto <math>DD'</math> and reflections below <math>DD'</math> truncate against this reflection; it is probably an unconformity an gently to the left on this section so the right dip at and below <math>DD'</math> constitutes a dip reversal that may have structural significance.
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