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  • * ''Digitized logs + digital computer = A new exploration tool,'' [[Phillip L. Work]] * ''Remote sensing--Geochemical techniques,'' [[A. R. Barringer]]
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  • ...t, Caribbean: EGS Inc.</ref> EGS’ surface exploration programme included geochemical, geological and geophysical components. The geophysical survey consisted of ...ervoir.<ref name=ryan13 /> Utilising both geophysical data and temperature logs from the first two wells (Ryan and Shalev, 2014) suggested that seismic vel
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  • ...uranium, stratigraphic [[Dictionary:Correlation|correlations]] with other logs/seismic data and boundary estimation, and monitoring movement of injected r interpretation of well logs.</ref><ref name=":5">Dennis, C. L., Givens, W. W., & Hickman, J. B. (1976).
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  • evaluation comprises quality checking and editing of the available well logs. Additionally, the description of their properties, evaluation of the inter * The suite of logs should include gamma ray, dipole sonic, deep resistivity, neutron porosity,
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  • ...f active source rock and the oil and gas derived from it as established by geochemical correlation. The essential elements for petroleum system are an effective s ...d under these substages: geometry and stratigraphy, timing and deposition, geochemical data and boundary conditions.
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  • ...eological simulations, sequence stratigraphy correlation, seismic mapping, geochemical analysis and sedimentary modelling have been used in order to produce 10 po been supplemented by countless tests and simulations posed to study the geochemical seismic activity, and subsurface structure of the basin. All of this data i
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