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  • Range geothermal systems, Part 1: The E-field radio telluric method: Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. Calif. at B (CDs that contain both text and seismic data.)</li>
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  • ...ons to access data, or other specific requests outlined for the individual data sets. ...from the internet, via mail, or through special request. Key parts of the data documentation are:
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  • ...a, and the seismic results would be compared with the available geological data, which of course were withheld from the crew. The chief geologist for Amera marker was found at much greater depths and as a result the refraction data did not provide the high degree of accuracy (10 to 15 feet) required. Thus,
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  • ...rizing sources and noise in deep water ocean-bottom-seismic Gulf of Mexico data so that we might process it better. ...ring, processing, and interpreting the volumes of data acquired by seismic systems. These comprise both active and passive applications that were instrumental
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  • ...d the use of curvelets for efficiently representing and processing seismic data and images. ...concentrating on the analysis and interpretation of multicomponent seismic data.
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  • ...2: Seismic Modeling of Geologic Structure, S. W. Fagin, editor; 3: Expert Systems in Exploration, F. Aminzadeh/M. Simaan, editors; Geophysical References 1: ...39 exhibitors in 1171 booths ... Mini Geo Exposition 1991 sponsored by GSH Data Processing Group ... first SEG Development/Production Committee Forum drew
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  • ...ion and processing, geophysical recording instrumentation, data-processing systems, geophones, and geophone cables. ...Company and its affiliated businesses in May 1975. It acquired Smith Meter Systems Division from A.O. Smith Corporation in January 1976, and in April 1977 Geo
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  • processing workflows, interpretation, rock physics, log analysis, and drilling challenges. ...ration workflow. The results of the workshop have impacted exploration and drilling strategy, improved current workflows, identified technology gaps, and helpe
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  • ...ional Project.” Drilling Fluids Design and Management for Extended Reach Drilling - OnePetro, Society of Petroleum Engineers, 25 Aug. 2014, ...ction of Reservoir Properties for Geomechanical Analysis Using 3-D Seismic Data and Rock Physics Modeling in the Vaca Muerta Formation”. Colorado School
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  • ...gas industry. It specializes in acquiring high definition surface seismic data in an onshore environment in the Gulf Coast of the United States; and provi ...onal, and inertial systems surveying; wetland, rock, and highland shothole drilling services; and recording and infield processing services.
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  • *Seismic Data Acquisition *Seismic Data Processing
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  • ...hydrocarbon collector system allowing oil migration from the growth fault systems or unconformities. to potential locations for a production system needing requirements of drilling at least two wells containing a complete logging suite, extensive coring, a
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  • ...itoring of hydraulic stimulation and fracturing operations, and aspects of data acquisition, processing and interpretation with examples. ==== ''"Relief analysis using geographic information systems"'' by Fernando Lebinson ====
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