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  • ...ging. He developed new instruments and circuitry for determining cement to casing bonding and for determining rock properties useful in formation evaluation. ...worked a year for General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York, as a design and application engineer. After joining Mobil Zemanek attended evening clas
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  • ...ified into different categories based on their design geometry or utility. Design geometry refers to how the well is drilled. Utility refers to the well’s === Design Geometry ===
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  • === Casing Design === ...tors saved 10% of the well time in comparison to the previous three-string design. <ref name=":4" />
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  • overcame variations in casing conductivity to allow electrical logging through the well casing
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  • Performed after the well has been completed, or after the casing, tubing and perforations have been applied, well fracturing has evolved ove properties and in-situ stresses Those properties are use to make a Frac design which can help us to have an idea about the geometery of the fracture such
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  • technologies like through-casing resistivity and marine KMS. Horst collaborated in the design of the first multichannel
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  • ...m his first assignment minutes after Salvatori hung up his coat. He was to design and build a borehole differential thermometer with an accuracy of 1/1,000 o ...y to couple it to the ground was by placing it in a hole within a six-inch casing full of water, so the geophone's diaphragm would move freely with varying w
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