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  • ...[[3-D migration]] of 3-D data provides an adequate and detailed 3-D image of the subsurface, leading to a more reliable interpretation. ...ey is done by laying out a number of receiver lines parallel to each other and placing the shotpoints in the perpendicular direction (swath shooting).
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  • ...positional units. Traveltimes, however, are only one of the two components of recorded seismic wavefields; amplitudes are the other component. ...reservoir characterization based on structural and stratigraphic inversion of seismic data with calibration to well data.
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  • Seismic data can be indicators of many factors such as amplitude, continuity, phase, and polarity of the reflections coming from the subsurface. This article reviews how the la
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  • 50 years). Clearly the fluids may still be in a dynamic state in terms of geological time. ...owiki> will always be found in hydrocarbon-bearing formations. The connate water saturation may vary from 5 to 50% with the hydrocarbons still having suffic
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