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  • ...p:// ''Investigation of injection-induced seismicity using a coupled fluid flow and rate/state friction model ''The synthesis of seismograms from well log data''] [[R. A. Peterson]], [[W. R. Fillippone]], and [[F. B. Coker]]
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  • ...n complex lithologies: 24th Ann. Meeting of Logging Symp., Soc. Prof. Well Log Analysts.</ref>. For sandstones with their rounded pores, the velocity rati ...offset. Figure 11.2-6 shows a modeled CMP gather using well data. A sonic log was first converted to a blocky form to simplify the modeled amplitudes on
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  • This allow geologist to map the amplitude change base on high-gamma ray (HGR) log. this implementation and innovation further help in application of EOR (en '''Figure 6:''' Introduction of CO2 in an injection well for EOR.
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  • ...y changes in value between 0.1 - 8.4% by weight with an average of 2.4%. [[Log analysis for unconventionals|Correlation between API Gamma Ray (GR) respons ...below <ref name=":5">Ganjdanesh, R., Yu, W., Fiallos, M. et al. 2019. Gas Injection EOR in Eagle Ford Shale Gas Condensate Reservoirs. Presented at the SPE/AAP
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  • ...pright|thumb|'''Figure 4''': Overpressure zone was estimated by using well log tools such as acoustic and density logs. The over-pressured depth can be de ...ger Delta Basin to predict the primary over-pressured zones. They use well log tools including resistivity, acoustic and density logs in the study wells.
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  • :[[Dictionary:Image log/es]] :[[Dictionary:Induced gamma-ray spectroscopy log/es]]
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  • :[[Dictionary:Wall resistivity log/es]] :[[Dictionary:Water injection/es]]
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