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  • ...ions to identify subtle traps, ''in'' The Deliberate Search for the Subtle Trap: Am. Assoc. Petr. Geol. Memoir, 32, 47–56.</ref> have made pioneering use ...s the survey area and a series of oblique fault blocks adjoining the major fault zone. A time slice contributes one contour level for a horizon as illustrat
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  • ...// North Blowhorn Creek]. The basin also contains [[File:Anticline trap.JPG|thumb|
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  • === Trap === ...he major anticlines. Discoveries containing a significant stratigraphic or fault component have usually been associated with major structural trends within
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  • ...cur through time and restriction of source areas. In a few areas, uplifted fault blocks make contact with sandstone along the Amarillo Uplift, which may hav === Trap ===
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  • ...low permeability characteristic of the Kockatea Shale reservoir acts as a trap and seal for the hydrocarbons within this formation. <ref name=":1" /> trap breach. This occurs when the breaching of a reservoir seal due to fault movement causes oil or gas that was secure within a reservoir to escape. An
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  • ...y the economic expectation by examining the paleostructural history of the trap, the economic quality of the reservoir, and proximity to a source rock. Ini ...expenses. The idea that one is going to find such a field in a structural trap very often is not realistic when one considers the enormous amount of seism
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  • Also, Western introduced field techniques such as special methods for fault shooting, weathering determination, and the "H" and "Plus" spreads with all ...perior to other companies' benefits that some insinuated it would become a trap, for after a few years with Western one couldn't "afford" to leave. Sparing
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  • ...means for interpretation of the sheer volume of 3-D migrated seismic data. Fault correlation, horizon tracking, horizon flattening, and some image processin ...nts. This then enabled [[3-D migration]] to produce a crisp image of the [[fault planes]].
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  • ...ighly complex salt canopy. The field was created by a three-way structural trap that seals against the salt canopy. The Green Canyon area of the GoM locate == Trap ==
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  • .... In the presence of faulting, stresses can also be generated which create fault-bend fold features. trapped underneath an impermeable cap rock, thus becoming a hydrocarbon trap.
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  • ...Analysis: an automated approach for deriving column height predictions in fault-bounded traps, [] ...clines (as hydrocarbons migrate to anticlines, the traps fill down; if the trap is overfilled, it reaches a synclinal leak point).
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  • ==10.2 Deducing fault geometry from well data== ...lanar and extends to the surface, find the surface trace and strike of the fault.'''
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  • Fault imaging is the process in which [[Fault|faults]] are processed, identified, and visualized in various ways while co == Fault terminology ==
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  • ...ant evidences is to observe the structural conditions that could produce a trap. * [[Deducing fault geometry from well data]]
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  • ...nal environment of the basin developed many normal and [[Dictionary:Thrust fault|thrust faults]]. The basin developed through periods of shallow-water marin ...een implemented to locate the O/G: AVO, seismic interpretation, anticline, fault. In 1902. First natural gas discovered in Arkoma Basin near Mansfield, Arka
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  • ...tion: Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, v. 23, p. 30-66. </ref>This fault fracture network in the shale reaches a thickness of 6000 meters and a migr than their delta front counterparts. The reservoirs thicken towards the fault in the downthrown block and the thickness variation is controlled by the gr
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  • ...stratigraphic seals, which units are petroleum bearing, and the timing of trap formation. (Courtesy of Smith-Rouch, L. 2006)]] === Trap ===
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  • porosity and permeability. In both cases the fault behaves as a sealing fault allowing oil and gas storage. Source: [ ...and associated trap types. Hydrocarbon traps are represented in black and fault movement is represented with arrows both in the hanging wall and footwall.
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  • ...eservoir rock], a [ trap], and a seal. In order to drill for and recover oil and gas, a complete pet ...he overlying top seal. Similarly, '''Figure 3''' represents a shale diaper trap in which hydrocarbons within a heavily fractured shale dome migrate up and
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  • File:SEG-Marta-Figure 2.jpg
    ...and associated trap types. Hydrocarbon traps are represented in black and fault movement is represented with arrows both in the hanging wall and footwall.
    (938 × 738 (150 KB)) - 20:39, 29 November 2019

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