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  • Many of these groups also have sponsors-only pages and ftp sites; only publicly acc ====University of Aberdeen, Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology====
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  • ...ting the existing page. Wikipedia serves as a good starting place for many of these articles. Learn more how to use '''[[Using Wikipedia|Wikipedia and ot ...the SEG Digital Library, or your own research and expertise to add to any of the keywords, ''referencing where appropriate''. Click on a word and contri
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  • ...ealistic assumption is that the subsurface is often ''anisotropic''. (Much of the following material is taken from [[Seismic_Data_Analysis]]). ...velocity must not be confused with the source-receiver azimuthal variation of moveout velocity for a dipping reflector in an isotropic medium (equation 7
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  • ...c rock properties. This constrains what seismic data is physically capable of resolving and the non-uniqueness associated with a specific interpretation. ...s thermal energy and strain energy to balance, further reducing the number of required components to 21.
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  • The History of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a history of the people who created exploration geophysics and the technologies that the ...ertwined with global events. The SEG grew from just a handfull of members, of a local society based in Houston
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  • | title = '''Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics''' ...-waves and vice-versa. Anisotropy may be analyzed in terms of the symmetry of the medium:
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