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  • SEG Special Commendation Award. The models from this initiative were used in hundreds if not thousands of cases and pa ...racture reservoirs, optimizing hydraulic fracturing, and modeling fracture propagation. Fred received SPE’s Western Region awards for Reservoir Description in 2
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  • * 2017 "Hydraulic fracture diagnostics from Krauklis-wave resonance and tube-wave reflections", [[Chao * 2016 “P- and S-wave velocity models of shallow dry sand formations from surface wave multimodal inversion,” [
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  • ..., Third Edition; ''Seismology of Azimuthally Anisotropic Media and Seismic Fracture Characterization'' | Field = seismic modeling, inversion, and processing for anisotropic media, fracture characterization, timelapse seismic, nonlinear elasticity
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  • * 2016 [ “2D seismic models and quantitative investigation of an undrilled Eocene fan complex”] [[Nic * 2015 [ “Quasi-P wave propagation with an elliptic differential operator,”] ]Sheng Xu] co-authors: [Bi
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  • and attenuation measurements led to the development of models of wave propagation in heterogeneous media, including the Kuster-Toksöz developing theory, models, and data analysis methods to estimate rock properties from acoustic logs:
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  • of EAP include: fracture identification and characterization based on shear-wave splitting fracture planes with the time-delay between them an indication
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  • ...nal seismology, [[full-waveform inversion]], inversion of seismic data for fracture analysis, fluid content, rock properties and improved resolution, reservoir ...y, full-waveform inversion, seismic imaging, inversion of seismic data for fracture analysis, fluid content, rock properties and improved resolution, reservoir
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  • ...he energy loss due to anelastic processes or internal friction during wave propagation.<ref name=Shapiro /> This is called intrinsic or anelastic attenuation. Int ...ered wave power is the sum of all the power from each scattered wave. Wave propagation in 2-D and 3-D inhomogeneous medium can reveal various attenuation results
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  • ...chalk, which serves as both top and lateral seal requires large, connected fracture systems to store and produce hydrocarbons and only requires upward migratio mudstones, which are difficult to build accurate reservoir flow models.
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  • ...]] and more advanced seismic techniques are being used for both matrix and fracture characterization to add significant value and to allow more wells to be exp ...hance Oil & Gas Exploration with Data-Driven Geophysical and Petrophysical Models. John Wiley & Sons.</ref>, the acceptable outcomes are based on a rigorous
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