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  • a partnership between industry and SEG designed to advance geophysical science and technology through the construction of subsurface models and generation ==2D marine seismic data==
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  • ...emerge and Mr. Petty was quick to appreciate the adaptability of this new science to his problems. The simplicity of design and superior performance characte In between explosions, getting their science on the road to commercialism took them to unusual sites. To establish wheth
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  • science advisor for earth, sea and air in the Nixon administration. the best of solid science and grounded intuition.
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  • ...s the first scientist to occupy the Cecil and Ida Green Chair at the U. T. Marine Biomedical Institute. We believe that Maurice Ewing would strongly support to halfway through his undergraduate years in applied science at the
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  • ...e was serious and knowledgeable about the arts but, as was his attitude in science, he thoroughly enjoyed the subjects for themselves. He was never pedantic." papers on such aspects of seismic prospecting as marine refraction, surface
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  • ...rtime research was developing techniques they could later use in peacetime science. far superior technically and scientifically to any previous attempts at marine exploration. For example, Ewing perfected underway seismic shooting without
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  • ...chieved a dominating position and now acquires approximately 85 percent of marine gravity surveys. The company was sold to Geodynamics in 1995, but LaFehr an Born in Los Angeles, California, Tom received his BS in letters and science at University of California, Berkeley in 1958 and a PhD in geophysics at St
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  • ...his work on imaging through complex water bottom, prestack f-k migration, marine seismic source arrays, and pioneering work on seismic acquisition that can Examples of his success in communicating valued science are the Best Paper Award he received at the 1986 Pacific Coast SEG Meeting
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  • ...y evident in Craig Beasley from when he started his career in the computer science department of Western Geophysical Company in 1981 to his leadership time as ...1981 and joining Western, he served in several capacities in the computer science, R&D, and data-processing departments, including worldwide vice president o
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  • ...orce in developing and applying microseismic technology and has caused the science of microseismic monitoring technology to become a key component of explorat ...tractors and in 1984 Peter was lured to Pulsonic Geophysical in Calgary as marine supervisor.
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  • Data Processing Branch manager and assistant manager of the Marine Science
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  • ...ted, in part, "He shares a great deal of the responsibility for making the science of oceanography a significant factor in an assault landing." ...surveys to industrial firms on a competitive basis. And in 1968, he became Science Advisor to the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, a role in which he was able to
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  • The science of exploration geophysics normally advances at an evolutionary pace; each n ...pments. By 1974, all of the elements were in place to permit collection of marine seismic data which could be processed in three dimensions except the means
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  • ...ues pioneered in the late '70s under Anders' leadership are dominating the marine seismic industry today. ...s seismic data for civil engineering purposes, but they also ventured into marine exploration and acquired their first survey in 1969 offshore Spitsbergen.
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  • ...s his pioneer analytical work in the handling of coalescing air bubbles in marine air-gun array design. This work served as a base from which the industry ha Roy and I first met when he joined the Science Services division of TI in 1965. Shortly after we started working together,
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  • ...y contain badly needed oil and gas," according to a report by the National Science Foundation, a sponsor of the project. ...He was again on a scientific frontier, officer-in-charge of secret work ("Marine guards at the doors") on a new and critical item in the allied arsenal - ra
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  • ...n Profiling. It is funded at an annual level of $3,000,000 by the National Science Foundation. A commercial seismic crew is employed full-time to carry out de a senior physicist at Shell working on a variety of problems, including marine navigation and seismic modeling. One of his major contributions was "Labora
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  • ...granted $1 million for the Henry Salvatori Chair in Cognitive and Computer Science. When Stanford University first established its Department of Geophysics in ...937, opened the marine field of operations for Western in the Gulf coast. "Marine," of course, was very close to shore, in less than 20 feet of water on a no
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  • ...changes that have taken place during the past half century in the way our science is practiced. We are accustomed to honoring the scientists who publish the ...y and lower the cost per mile. Results have been dramatic, particularly in marine operations.
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  • David’s contributions to the science and application of of marine seismic data to name a few), much of which has
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  • polarization, and 3D inversion of marine CSEM and magnetotelluric data. He pioneered Academy of Sciences and Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science. He is currently a
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  • received the prestigious Young Scientist Award from the Indian National Science Academy. His and computer science journals (including several in Geophysics).
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  • at the end of 2007 for US $60 million to two Norwegian marine geophysical companies, technologies like through-casing resistivity and marine
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  • many contributions to the advancement of the science of geophysics and for his promotion of SEG and various other professional s to SEG, EAGE, AAPG, and OTC on topics ranging from 4D seismic to marine interference. Ian has also played a strong role in the
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  • ...[[Kauffman Gold Medal]] for demonstrating that high-quality, high-density marine shear-wave of activity and advancement in marine converted-wave seismic
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  • ...broad application has elevated the ISS work to a major contribution to the science of exploration geophysics. ...ese advances have elevated Art’s research to a major contribution to the science of exploration geophysics.
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  • to pursue other earth science careers, they were recommended for this award because 4D has now become mai marine geology and geophysics, under the mentorship of
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  • | BSc =Engineering Science I received my BS in engineering science from Purdue, a
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  • MSc (1986) and a PhD (1990) in physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He joined Statoil in Trondheim in 1992 as a research scient used remotely, particularly in a marine environment, to
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  • ...Terje held a professorship in petrophysics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) for several years. Terje co-founded EMGS and served a used remotely, particularly in a marine environment, to
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  • ...ty in severe terrain. At the start of LCT, seismic companies acquired most marine gravity data—but then they all decided to sell or outsource that activity ...chieved a dominating position and now acquires approximately 85 percent of marine gravity surveys. The company was sold to Geodynamics in 1995, but LaFehr an
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  • ...a number of technical publications on ocean-bottom sensors, multiples, and marine acquisition, including a “Best Paper” honorable mention. Bill’s most ...with several Life Memberships, his contributions to the Society and to the science of exploration geophysics are so many and varied.
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  • Earth and Environmental Science, used application of AMO is regularizing marine data before
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  • beneficial to the exploration geophysics industry and marine geosciences. An additional objective is to share Robert Ballard’s most re obtained a PhD in marine geology and geophysics from the
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  • Geophysicists. In his later years he was interested in promoting science education and historic preservation changes from eight-trace split-spread marine paper records to digital processing and
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  • | MSc university = Norwegian University of Science and Technology | PhD university = Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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  • contributors in this evolving field of science, and it stimulated palaeontology (he codiscovered the oldest marine reefs built by
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  • ...roach to measurement of the source signature, including dynamite, land and marine vibroseis, air guns and electromagnetic current dipoles. Seismic advances ...utshell how I like to characterize the importance of Anton for geophysical science.
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  • a partnership between industry and SEG designed to advance geophysical science and technology through the construction of subsurface models and generation ...edge geophysical numerical simulations. The initiative has advanced “the science of geophysics through SEAM’s open collaborative and cooperative research
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  • ====ICL (Imperial College London), Department of Earth Science and Engineering==== ...logy and Geophysics of RSMAS conducts research and graduate instruction in marine geology, geophysics and geochemistry. The programs range from purely labora
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  • Laboratory, Marine Science Institute, University of Texas at Austin and Obituary, LA Times, 2 Feb 2009, [,0,2729652.story#axzz2zGCOZEM1]
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  • ...]] with a [[Distinguished Achievement Award]] for its contributions to the science of ...tion and processing, converted-wave applications, portable crews, land and marine telemetry, VSP acquisition, depth migration, noise
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  • Marine operations commenced in regular marine operation, and another
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  • ...Statoil’s basic research program conducted with the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. ...ked on four-component ocean-bottom seismic and, later, sea-bed logging, or marine CSEM.
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  • ...ating quality factor and mean grain size of sediments from high-resolution marine seismic data]: Geophysics, '''73''', no. 4, G19-G28</ref> ...hampton as a teaching and research fellow in the School of Ocean and Earth Science (SOES), now part of the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), and he became a
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  • ...rade. Nearly 80% of the United States overseas trade is conducted through marine transportation. <ref> US Department of Commerce, N. O. and A. A. (n.d.-a). [[Category: Marine Science]]
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  • ...sistant professor of marine geology and geophysics at Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami.
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  • | PhD =Marine Geology and Geophysics | PhD university =Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
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  • ...r scales for interval data''? IS&T Seventh Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems, and Applications.</ref><ref>Rogowitz, B., and A. Kalvin, 2001, '' .../ref> show in a carefully controlled experiment that the area of a shallow-marine sand body mapped by hand on a time slice colored using a spectrum was 235%
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  • ...scored the importance of the removal of the reverberation of energy in the marine seismic processing to improve the frequency band of the seismic data. Dr. C 312 Science & Research, Building 1
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  • on the red links below and share your knowledge. Leave your mark on the science of applied geophysics today! | [[Marine geophysics]]
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  • ==The art and science of storytelling== LITHOPROBE was the largest earth science project ever undertaken in Canada. It aimed to study the evolution of the c
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  • ...). He is a professor of applied marine physics at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami. He directs the university's Geo Acoustics Labs at
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  • ...n articles under six subjects: [[geophysics]], [[mathematics]], [[computer science]], [[geology]], [[geological engineering]], and [[petroleum engineering]]. to provide the public with greater awareness and understanding of the science and industry of geophysics.
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  • | MSc university = Chalmers University of Science and Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden cable technology has been established as an important advance in marine seismic data acquisition.
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  • ...// Mentoring365] - joint project with AGU and other Earth science organizations. '''MENTORS NEEDED!''' ...on of archaeological sites and culturally significant finds. Both land and marine geophysical methods will be highlighted.
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  • *{{Icon|DYK}} [[:Marine loading arm]] *{{Icon|DYK}} [[:Marine steam engine]]
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  • ...heading the GeoStreamer technology deployment. From March 2009 he acted as Marine President Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining PGS, Mr. Cambois spent 20 years wi erated pace. Multicomponent, 4D, wide-azimuth marine acquisition, sub-
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  • [[Category: Marine science]] [[Category: Environmental science]]
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  • ...n of such a society is based on an idea which conceptualize to promote the science of geophysics, expose it to the masses and thus to provide the students an ...and learn about geophysics with a moto to encourage them to opt for earth science and work for the society.
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  • ...ssenden Award winners. His award is in recognition of "his development of marine controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) surveying technology."<ref>http:// ...several notable SEG people. His developments of sources and receivers for marine CSEM are impressive and important, as is his Occam inversion methodology fo
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  •> Emery, D. and K. J. Myers 1996, Sequence stratigraphy. Blackwell Science, Oxford. </ref> It can therefore provide a predictive tool for determining Stratigraphy is the science of describing the vertical and lateral relationships of rocks.<ref> Schoch,
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  • ...g the audience with his presentation on "Is it opal? How to drink beer for science." <u>Albert Einstein Science Park, Potsdam</u>
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  • ...ral prestigious societies including the Russian and Norwegian Academies of Science, and an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Oslo. He ha ...when he left Lamont to join Gulf Oil, first as director of the Center for Marine Crustal Studies and later as Chief Scientist. When Gulf was taken over by
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  • ....). Retrieved October 14, 2015, from, Accessed October 29, 2015 </ref> . Som ...years ago. At this time, 25 percent of marine families and 60 percent of marine generea were lost because of sea levels dropping, which was caused by the f
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  • ...s a large body of trapped marine debris that resides in the Pacific Ocean. Marine debris consists of a variety of litter, mostly plastics, which ends up in o endlessly churns an inestimable amount plastic, fishing nets, and other marine debris off the coast of California. Unlike the name may suggest, the Great
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  • Flowers don’t smell so sweet, thanks to ozone pollution] Science/AAAS News. Retrieved September 23, 2015. </ref> .... <ref name=connor />When plastic is eaten it can be a poison pill for the marine life, because it acts as a pollution sponge. <ref name=groden />Plastic pol
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  • .../index.cfm]</ref> HABs can be especially threatening to drinking water and marine life even with the slightest toxin level. [[File:The growth of cyanobacteri ...ect human health. Although HABs are toxic and dangerous for both human and marine life, nontoxic blooms can be just as threatening by suffocating fish, block
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  • ...Sets 25-28. Student Section Academic Liaison Committee published an earth science poster targeted at high school students. March TLE cover story featured Mau ...irm since its acquisition of Prakla-Seismos; GECO Geophysical bought Terra Marine Engineering ... SeisTex purchased by First Seismic ... Daniel Geophysical c
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  • ...t=Spaulding |first=Nancy E. |first2=Samuel N. |last2=Namowitz |title=Earth Science |place=Boston |publisher=McDougal Littell |year=2005 |isbn=0-618-11550-1}}< ...etely ruptured because of the specialized development of these branches of science.”
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  • * Honorary Lecturer 2017, Europe - Martin Landrø: "New trends in marine seismic acquisition – possibilities and impact on data quality", European * Student Festival of Science and Silesia Festival of Science
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  • ...oduct looks like an image of subsurface (Figure 1). '''Geomorphology''' is science of earth forms, where earth's sub-surface features are studied, including ...mic reflections are roughly the geological time lines, gave birth to a new science of seismic stratigraphy (Vail et. al. 1977). Petrel Vail, Bob Mitchum and
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  • ....). Retrieved February 16, 2016, from </ref> Being that the area is so dark, there is no ...Toronto, U. of. (n.d.). Deep-sea Mining May Pose Serious Threat To Fragile Marine Ecosystems, According To Study. Retrieved March 1, 2016, from https://www.s
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  • ...-nio </ref> The change in sea temperatures effected the environment of the marine life. Normally, fish are more comfortable in colder waters. As a result of ...nce. (2010). Retrieved February 1, 2016 from</ref> The impacts will vary from o
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  • to provide the public with greater awareness and understanding of the science and industry of geophysics. #[[Marine geophysics]] - [[User:Claremwilliams|Clare]]
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  • ...o. She retired as a professor emeritus in 2007. She is still active in the science community and occasionally does speaking engagements. Tanya Atwater was what we could consider to be both a marine geologist and a physical geologist. She has spent a great deal of time on o
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  • ...has been a champion of converted-wave seismic exploration. In the land and marine worlds, he has untied many of the complicated knots in multicomponent seism ...t visits). SEG's Life Membership Award to Jim honors his dedication to our science and Society. Jim Gaiser is, from turning-wave tomography to tight-turning s
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  • ...&&docId=GALE|CX2830101217&docType=GALE Icebergs]. The Gale Encyclopedia of Science. Accessed September 22, 2016.</ref> ...o seen as a threat to sea level. However, new research has shown that tiny marine organisms can live in these warmer temperatures and store carbon under wate
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  • ...lity to extract meaning from it. Geoscientists, meanwhile, have been doing science with voluminous data for years, without needing to brag about how big it is # Nonmarine/marine indicator (NM_M)
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  • either on the surface of the earth (land acquisition), or seafloor (marine acquisition). ...receivers, for land acquisition geophones are used as receivers, while for marine acquisitions hydrophones are used), record the seismic responses returning
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  • ...f full waveform inversion (FWI) methods and their applications in land and marine environments for near-surface and subsurface model building. * Land and marine FWI case studies
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  • ...These efforts fueled a quantitative revolution in the world of geographic science and laid the groundwork for GIS.” ..., mining, archaeology, seismic, hydrological, energy exploration, geology, marine and engineering. Many different kinds of sensors can be used to capture thi
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  • ...nstitut de Physique du Globe de Paris in 1999, and led the creation of new Marine Geosciences Department that he directed until 2008. He also created the Fre ...hed over 135 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including ten in Nature and Science. He has supervised over 50 Ph.D. students and post-doctoral researchers. He
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  • ...frica to Brazil. The experience of collecting geophysical data, including marine gravity data over the mid-Atlantic ridge, from a beautiful sail boat, was o ...strict; was on land use review boards, and was forever a champion of using science and engineering to make smart decisions on society's behalf. His consultin
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  • ...quency Shallow Marine Data. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 88, 012010.</ref>
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  • ...nd the precision in the instrument began a new period of airborne land and marine magnetic surveys for the exploration industry, government regional mapping ...introduction to geophysical exploration'' (3rd ed). Malden, MA: Blackwell Science.</ref>.
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  • Floccule Ripples. ''Science'', ''318''(5857), 1760–1763. doi: 10.1126/science.1147001</ref>. The hydraulic component is attained through the formation of hyperpycnal flows: Initiation, behavior and related deposits. A review. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 20(6-8), 861-882.</ref>; however, hypopycnal flow te
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  • ...orelines, subaqueous deltas, shelf edges, and continental margins.", Earth Science Reviews 185 (2018) pg. 202-233.</ref> To be identified in reflection seismi ..., continental shelf, ocean deposition, turbidite, oil and gas exploration, marine seismic data
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  • [[File:Fig1klmturb.JPG|thumb|Figure 1. Shallow to deep marine deposits]] ...lakes (shallow water) is preferable the term deepwater systems to refer to marine sediment gravity flow processes, environment and deposits <ref name="slatt"
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  • Gravimetry is the science of the Earth’s gravimetric field. The gravimetric field is sensitive to s Airborne/marine acquisition:
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  • than 480 million years ago, with mining for [ bituminous coal] beginning almost three centuries ago. To t ...ust fault and folded terrane was formed by the [ Alleghenian orogeny], a mountain formed in the Appalach
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