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  • ...inology for geophysicists: Geophysics, 55, 1070–1088.</ref>. ''Most'' of seismic data analysis is based on the assumption that the subsurface behaves isotro ...of (shear) velocity with ''polarization'' angle. Anisotropic variation of seismic velocity must not be confused with the source-receiver azimuthal variation
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  • ...expanded version of his labor-of-love, his two-volume treatment retitled [[Seismic Data Analysis]], also deserves recognition. These two volumes are on booksh ...op workflow products for processing, inversion, and interpretation of land seismic data.
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  • ...-Sayers Geophysics under stress: Geomechanical applications of seismic and borehole acoustic waves].” In 2013 he was His research interests include unconventional resources, seismic solutions,
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  • ...s using synchrotron micro-tomography (10^-6 m) to using timelapse borehole seismic measurements to characterize changes in reservoir properties (10^3 m). Whil ...he Annual Meeting]] for their paper ''Multi-level continuous active source seismic monitoring (ML-CASSM): Mapping shallow hydrofracture evolution at a TCE con
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  • ...rmack; Proceedings of First Archie Conference; Geophysical Developments 2: Seismic Modeling of Geologic Structure, S. W. Fagin, editor; 3: Expert Systems in E ...Geophysical bought Terra Marine Engineering ... SeisTex purchased by First Seismic ... Daniel Geophysical changed name to Geotrace Technologies ... Sierra Geo
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  • ...ble with more traditional hydrological characterization approaches such as borehole/log analyses and pumping or tracer tests. This session discussed the advanc ...ysics measurements for monitoring and time-lapse imaging for hydrogeologic applications. The session invited presentations that demonstrated new approaches to acqu
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  • ..., 2016, Grana et al., 2010), etc., into the geophysical inversion process. Applications range from greenfield exploration in the mining sector to freshwater table ...information include, but are not limited to, results or measurements from: borehole, well-log and petrophysical data, geostatistical analysis, geological data
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  • ...egration. Full waveform inversion, repeat measurements, such as time-lapse seismic and controlled-source electromagnetic data all offer significant uplift in ...entional" data - Multicomponent and borehole seismic, passive seismic; Non-seismic geophysical data
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  • ...turally occurring radiation found in the surrounding [[Dictionary:Borehole|borehole]] rocks from three primary isotopes: Potassium-40 (K), Thorium (Th), and Ur ...ium, stratigraphic [[Dictionary:Correlation|correlations]] with other logs/seismic data and boundary estimation, and monitoring movement of injected radioacti
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  • ...rd the resistivity of the formation with increasing distance away from the borehole.<ref name=Evenick /> <ref name=Asquith>Asquith, G. and D. Krygowski, 2004, [[File:Segi6.jpg|thumb| Diagram showing borehole, invaded zone, flushed zone, annulus, and uninvaded zone. Image from [[Dict
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  • her BS in geology and afterward working as a seismic analyst for applications including: hydraulic fracture microseismicity, geothermal production micr
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  • and promote applications of SEG high-end Conference; gave a presentation titled “Borehole seismic: Yesterday, today and tomorrow” at the SEG Rock Physics and
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  • ...multiple geophysical methods with significant contribution in the area of seismic acquisition and design. It is most appropriate for SEG to recognize Chris w ...more than 16 journal articles, 25 convention presentations, and 18 patent applications. It is inspiring to see that Chris’s volunteerism to professional societi
    4 KB (551 words) - 16:18, 7 November 2016
  • ...ductId/14630013 ''3C Seismic and VSP: Converted waves and vector wavefield applications''] ...>Gaiser, James. ''3C Seismic and VSP: Converted waves and vector wavefield applications.'' Eds. James Gaiser et al. Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2016. {{d
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  • ...Frame have been used for generating synthetic seismograms and interpreting seismic site surveys. Within GeoFrame, data are stored in an Oracle database. The s
    1 KB (163 words) - 14:35, 20 January 2019
  • This workshop identified the safety and environmental benefits of Seismic While Drilling and sought to accelerate its adoption by the industry. ...hysicists, geologists, and petrophysicists to work together developing SWD applications and technology.
    3 KB (419 words) - 18:00, 28 December 2017
  • ...various geophysical techniques that include basin definition and modeling, seismic survey design, data acquisition, data processing workflows, interpretation, * '''Advanced seismic acquisition & processing'''
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  • ...18}}</ref> It propagates along the cylindrical fluid-solid boundary of the borehole and has no spherical divergence.<ref name="Gadallah" /> Tube waves often ha ...t | first4 = P.| year = 2003| title = Tube-wave suppression in single-well seismic acquisition| journal = Geophysics| volume = 68| issue = 3| pages = 883-869}
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  • ...ent. As noted by one nominator: “These studies provide insight for field applications when in-situ conditions are imperfect, which is almost always the case.” ...te studies in the Earth Resources Laboratory at MIT. He started working on seismic wave scattering from fractures with one of us (MF). In 2011, he worked as a
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  • ...ale surveys. The possible scale of GPR study areas allows for many diverse applications, spanning from finding a pipe in a front yard to measuring the thickness of ...both structure and climate history. Because GPR penetrates ice easily and seismic does not, it is useful for imaging shallow geology below ice bodies. GPR is
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