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  • ...Basin Location.jpg|thumb|(Figure 1) Location of Wasson Field Basin in West Texas Permian Basin. Retrieved from ...only called the Staked Plains of West Texas. It is a Sub-Basin in the West Texas Permian Basin, one of the oldest and well-known hydrocarbon producing areas
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  • he became interested in borehole and cross-borehole seismology — both fields in which he then made and has continued to make very significant contributi ...he continued to reprocess and reinterpret seismic data and to discover new fields in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the U.S. Gulf Coast area.
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  • ...ring the Cretaceous time and its isolation is due to the continuous coeval carbonate growth of Florida and Yucatan platforms.<ref name=":0">Close, O., Wilhelm, ..., E., William. Gulf of Mexico. Institute for Geophysics, The University of Texas at Austin. Geoexpro. doi: Vol. 6, No. 3 - 2009</ref>. Salt has negligible p
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  • ...e overwhelming majority of the Anadarko Shelf. The Basin also extends into Texas and even southeastern Colorado. (Courtesy Davis and Northcutt,1989)<ref>Dav ...B. and Higley, Debra K. " Petroleum System Analysis of the Hunton Group in West Edmond Field, Oklahoma." ''AAPG Bulletin Vol. 97, No. 7 2013.'' DOI: 10.13
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  • Survey.(2018, May).The Uinta Basin of eastern Utah showing oil and gas fields. Retrieved 19 April, 2021 from ...facies and carbonate formations, these are divided into the different oil fields which are illustrated in the figure below. Reservoir porosity in the area r
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  • ...|Ouachita Thrust]] trend, which stretches 1,500 miles from Mexico, through Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas and into Mississippi ...iments, and is a little brother to the prolific [[Delaware Basin]] of West Texas.
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