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  • ...o selected depths as shown below in Figure 5. A source is placed close the wellhead, and several shots are performed. Generally 75 to 100 receivers are used wi ...e used for shallow surveys. Chirp systems are vibratory sources. The chirp systems, sparkers, and boomers are high-frequency sources. This results in providin
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  • ...New Zealand - A Frontier Basin Uniquely Bounded by Two Opposing Subduction Systems. NTNU Open. ]</re ...// are three major types,wellhead to the processing plant.]</ref> Additionally, if oil is found within the Pe
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  • ...(located in an active region) contains over ten [[Dictionary:Fault|fault]] systems that pose an imminent danger to individuals, the overall landscape, and the the surface by the well-producing system consisting of a pumping jack, wellhead, casing, tubing, sucker rod, etc.
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