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  • knows when a research fact, outcrop observation, operational statement, well-log analysis, environment-of-deposition analysis or seismic section being s ...stop as fast as it starts. The professional, besides being scientifically well trained, needs to maintain a positive attitude and be adaptable in communic
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  • ...he three primary processes. Deconvolution assumes a stationary, vertically incident, minimum-phase source wavelet and white reflectivity series that is free of * [[Quality control in processing]]
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  • ...'0'') arrives at ''t''<sub>0</sub> = 2''z''<sub>0</sub>/''v''. Now let the incident [[Dictionary:Wavefront|wavefront]] advance in depth by the amount ''λ''/4., 1953, Ricker, N., 1953, Wavelet contraction, wavelet expansion and the control of seismic resolution: Geophysics, 18, 769–792.</ref>. A short distance t
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  • ...ion coefficient is defined as the ratio of the reflection amplitude to the incident wave amplitude. In terms of acoustic impedance ''I'' = ''ρα'', where ''ρ ...earby sonic logs. In many practical situations, there is insufficient well control and the bands of the low- and high-frequency information derived from the s
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  • ...b|{{figure number|10.9b.}} Map of unmigrated seismic data showing lines of control by diagonal dashes (courtesy of Prakla-Seismos).]] Because source and geophone are coincident, reflection raypaths are incident on the beds at right angles; such raypaths are shown by short dashes on Fig
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  • ...n, in Second International Mining Technology Symposium: Groundwater Hazard Control/Coal Bed Methane Development and Application Techniques, Xian, China (Octob In a [[C-wave]] survey, the P-wave incident upon a reflecting boundary excites a reflected shear wave, with an inline p
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