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  • ...nts are listed below. This list, or one like it, could even go on the main page of the wiki, as a provocation to edit. ...t a [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Stub|stub]] for one of the [[Special:WantedPages|wanted pages]]
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  • ...sta, ''The Leading Edge Mar 1991, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 15-20'' much of this page is quoted verbatim from this article. After his experience at sea, all he wanted to do thereon was solve the geophysical enigmas of the earth, and Ewing fir
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  • ...[ Jon Claerbout's web page]</ref> at Stanford University.<ref>[ .... He was obviously intent on not giving all his interest to geophysics but wanted to see and learn about the world, with all its variety and peoples, through
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  • ...r; he had thought a lot about the topic, had something to tell, and really wanted to be understood. Best remembered probably is his Geophysics paper on acous ''Awards Citations of the SEG page 157''
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  • ...issue of his company's magazine, Western Profile, where on the President's Page he wrote: ...00 scientists and engineers. Anyway, there was a little notice which read: Wanted. Men with graduate work in physics to do research work in Oklahoma - if int
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  • that I wanted to try and, when I hit roadblocks in my research, she ...once pointed out in a passionate contribution to TLE’s “President’s Page,” she always considered SEG to be her “home” Society. In addition to
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  • award citation on page 179 of this issue. juncture Paul decided that establishing a high-tech company was what he wanted to accomplish.” So, what exactly triggered the entreprenuerial impulse? '
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  • ...the 1990s that his dream of full-waveform inversion did not work, that he wanted to be honest, and that is why at the IUGG meeting in Vienna he had to get u And then Albert would tell us that what he really wanted was to devise a theory that would change the world. Perhaps a theory where
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  • ...t at Westinghouse Cook was told that a famous engineer in the research lab wanted to see him, Joseph Slepian, who asked about the theoretical basis of a tang ...leum Exploration |url= |location= |publisher=Southwest Research Institute |page= |isbn= |accessdate= }}</ref> This service was supported by six oil compani
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  • ...all its participants because beside the scientific and didactic aspects we wanted to achieve, it was a lot of fun. Geoelectrics turned out to be the most con *Personal impression written by a Field Camp participant on the page of [ Student Geoscientific Societ
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  • ...ulative Index, and Expanded Abstracts from the Annual Meeting. An SEG Home Page, hosted by Stanford University and maintained by volunteers led by Brian Sp headquarters building in Tulsa. Executive committee approved mandatory page charges for nonmember authors. Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City offered
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  • ...hy |year= 1991 |publisher= Wiley |location=New York |isbn=0-471-62017-3 | page=273 }}</ref> Wegener was involved in several expeditions to Greenland to st ...004|isbn=87-990078-0-0 |publisher=Narayana Press |location=Odder, Denmark |page=124 }}</ref> Inside their hut they drilled to a depth of 25 m with an auger
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  • ...ul year filled with learning & growth. We also got to know about what they wanted & in what ways they think we can assist them. This helped us in planning ou ...nd []LinkedIn Page
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  • ...currently being authored by a student at the University of Oklahoma. This page will be complete Dec 13, 2020. .../studies/worldshalegas/pdf/overview.pdf</nowiki></ref> At first, Argentina wanted help from the United States and British petroleum companies to help break t
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  • ...currently being authored by a student at the University of Oklahoma. This page will be complete by Dec. 15, 2021. ...''Figure 3''', the Arthur Creek “Hot Shale” has become one of the most wanted places to be drilling. Between 20m and 100m thick, the shale has been estim
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