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  • ...of the crust that contain some water but that have empty space filled with gas e.g. air, methane, etc. <ref name=nelson /> Simply, unsaturated zones have</ref> seepage from gasoline storage tanks, agricultural pollutants, sewers and septic tanks, as well as residen
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  • ...k specialized in the techniques of [[remote sensing]] and the detection of underground objects. ...decrepit and rusty pumping equipment. A central engine running on natural gas (from the wells) in a shack, with steel rods radiating out to wells all aro
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  • ...r short- and long-term management of nuclear wastes, including underground storage of spent-fuel and high-level waste. * [[Oil and gas]]
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  • ...applications of geophysics for regional geologic mapping and for oil and gas exploration. ...e.g., metal containers, unexploded ordnance (UXO), landfills, underground storage tanks; monitoring changes in the hydrogeological regime; geologic mapping.
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  • ...bon dioxide from a variety of industrial processes may be managed through underground injection. ...wells, most commonly in disposing of produced water from oil and natural gas wells, has been known to cause earthquakes. This high-saline water is usual
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  • ...d gas pipelines, [[radioactive]] [[waste]] disposal, and [[solar]] thermal storage facilities. A geotechnical investigation will include surface exploration a
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  • ...ature of the salt can make them important sites for underground storage or underground disposal of hazardous waste.<ref name=":0">"What is Salt Dome?"., ...of sulfur, sources of salt, underground storage sites for oil and natural gas, and disposal sites for hazardous waste.
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  • ...fracturing is also a concern when discussing land quality because natural gas extraction should not come at the expense of public health and the environm ...the EPA to protect the quality of drinking water. The law focuses on both underground and aboveground sources. The standards for quality of drinking water in the
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  • ...ion or cement production also generate CO2. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) processes significantly reduce the CO2 emissions generated. ...n trading mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol gives an incentive to greenhouse gas abatement projects, in developing countries. As shown in Figure 1, CCS is i
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  •</ref>. The discovery of oil and gas in the 1920s as well as numerous environmental forces, such as the widespre ...ther thing that is a huge threat to the environment is the oil and natural gas exploration that has been going on for decades. Though the rate of explorat
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  • ...eral-interest/companies/article/17228708/more-operators-eye-maverick-shale-gas-tar-sand-potential. </ref>[[File:Th 070813ogj xma01.png|thumb| Fig.2 Maveri ...t) and being produced, drilling a nearby well (child) can create different underground disturbances in pressure and other characteristics which can in turn affect
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