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  • ...hould recognize that he is one of the few scientists who fortunately never specialized i.e., who was (and is) active in the fields of data acquisition, processing ...smology as his great challenge, which resulted in numerous publications on topics as velocities (Dix-Krey formula), refraction effects, undershooting, 3-D se
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  •, and he has co-authored three other substantial papers, two of them on topics that differ thoroughly from those submitted for the SEG meeting. Somehow, h ...the papers that he has written recently will form the foundation for more specialized applications by him and others in the future.
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  • In my mind, Elmer never specialized in the sense of focusing on one area only. He is fascinated by too many thi ...He himself organized quite a few of them, frequently on rather unorthodox topics.
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  • in tilted transversely isotropic media. Among the topics that Jyoti successfully pursued as an range of topics than just about any other student in
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  • BP in Houston in 1999 and has worked there since. In his career he has specialized in [[anisotropy]], multi-component algorithms and processing, and most rece ...tor, and through those collaborations he tackled complex and widely varied topics, from seismic anisotropy, working closely with Francis Muir, to computer gr
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  • ...PHI-CM] (DELPHI Dynamic Reservoir Characterization & Flow Simulation): Key topics are time-lapse reflectivity analysis, multi-scale seismic-to-well matching, ...he multiple removal and imaging project consists of the following research topics: 2-D and 3-D surface-related and internal multiple removal, 2-D and 3-D foc
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  • is the case in areas covered with glacial tills and sand dunes. Several specialized techniques based on generalized linear inversion (GLI) have been devised fo *[[Topics in moveout and statics corrections]]
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  • ...s the equation of an ellipse in the ''y − z'' plane at constant ''t'' ([[Topics in Dip-Moveout Correction and Prestack Time Migration#E.5 Nonzero-offset tr When equation ({{EquationNote|D-35}}) is specialized to the zero-offset case, ''h'' = 0, we obtain
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  • ...thumb|{{figure number|E-2}} The prestack time [[migration]] ellipse. See [[Topics in Dip-Moveout Correction and Prestack Time Migration#E.5 Nonzero-offset tr ...e trajectory associated with nonzero-offset wave propagation is given in [[Topics in Dip-Moveout Correction and Prestack Time Migration#E.5 Nonzero-offset tr
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  • ...inates for ''F'' : (''x''<sub>2</sub>, ''z''<sub>2</sub>) are derived in [[Topics in moveout and statics corrections#C.3 Equations for a dipping reflector|Se ...on by using the geometry of Figure 5.1-1. Start with equation (C-22b) of [[Topics in moveout and statics corrections#C.3 Equations for a dipping reflector|Se
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  • During most of his professional career, Cook specialized in the techniques of [[remote sensing]] and the detection of underground ob ...ory course. Cook read extensively in the Physics Library on gravitational topics, developed a thesis plan, and performed a program of experiments using an E
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  • ...arly valued his ability to clearly and understandably explain even complex topics and current research findings without sacrificing precision. His lectures f ...eology]] on the other, which had become completely ruptured because of the specialized development of these branches of science.”
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  • ..., and it serves SEG Members as well as the larger geoscientific community. Topics in the SEG Wiki include but are not limited to non-seismic geophysics, near grow over time as users expand the existing content and add additional topics.
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  • The various topics were covered during ISM Alumni Webinar Series , and their respective speake ...eation," a 5-day long webinar series from March 6 to 10, 2021. The various topics were covered during Delineation, and their respective speakers were:-
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