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  • ..., 1991, Comparison of the least-squares criterion and the Cauchy criterion in frequency-wavenumber Annan, P. and Cosway, S. W., 1992, Ground-penetrating radar survey design, in Bell, R. S., Ed., Proc. Symp. on
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  • ...Pennington, 2014, Seeking the Sweet Spot:Reservoir and Completion Quality in Organic Shales: Oilfield Review, '''25''', 16–29.</ref>. Following is a b resources are not easily acquired due to high viscosity and ultra low permeability. Advanced technologies are necessary to economically extract resources from
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  • ...of Peru's coastal basins, this figure shows the extent of the Talara Basin in Northwestern Peru. (Courtesy of Zúñiga-Rivero, F., Keeling, J.A., and Hay ...1998b, Peru onshore-deepwater basins should have large potential: Oil and Gas Journal, Oct. 19, 1998, p. 88–95. V. Carozzi, A & R. Palomino, J. (2007).
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  • ...t can be studied to develop the industry's understanding of unconventional shale plays. The uniqueness of this play combined with its prolific reserves has ...ttps:// (accessed on October 2019)</ref>.
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  • ...ore than 600 oil and gas fields have been discovered in formations ranging in age of Miocene to Quaternary, and less than a dozen of these fields produce ...the main sources of the Pliocene-Quaternary sediments, and they are found in a rapidly subsiding basin. These sediments are nearly 10 km thick<ref name=
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  • ...basin.png|Big horn basin province, major structural elements, and oil and gas fields that produce from Cretaceous and Tertiary reservoirs. Courtesy of th located in the states of Wyoming and Montana in the western US. The boundaries of the basin are defined by Laramide (Late
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  • ...Oil, Gas, and Minerals. (2013). Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil and Gas Wells in Michigan. Retrieved April 5, 2021, from <nowiki> ...:Michigan Basin Wiki Project 1.png|thumb|'''Fig 1.''' The Michigan basin, relative to the Appalachian and Illinois basins. <ref name=":5" />]]
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