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  • ...ves propagate through the subsurface. It results in the decay of amplitude of the seismic waves. Attenuation is related to velocity dispersion.<ref name=</ref> The [[Energy|energy]] of seismic wave is conserved if it travels through a perfectly elastic medium.
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  • 50 years). Clearly the fluids may still be in a dynamic state in terms of geological time. Because gravity is the dominant force in distributing fluids through geological time, hydrocarbons migrate upward and are trapped agains
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  • ...ned with its prolific reserves has made it a prime candidate for the study of stimulation methods and [[Dictionary:Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)|enhanced o ==History of the Basin==
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  • ...>Davis, H. G., & Northcutt, R. A. The greater anadarko basin; an overview of petroleum exploration and development. ''Circular - Oklahoma Geological Sur ...2">Gaswirth, Stephanie B. and Higley, Debra K. " Petroleum System Analysis of the Hunton Group in West Edmond Field, Oklahoma." ''AAPG Bulletin Vol. 97,
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