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  • ...ts the company became a world leader in the integration and calibration of petrophysical and seismic ...n the field of AVO and other amplitude-related exploration and development applications.
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  • ''Interpretation and practical applications of 4C-3D seismic data, East Cameron gas fields, Gulf of Mexico,''] [[Jay W. * 2001 [ ''The petrophysical basis for shallow-water flow prediction using multicomponent seismic data,'
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  • in the study of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), developing innovative applications for groundwater and contaminant hydrology. Following the outlook mirrored i ...lopment of innovative methods for using geophysical imaging for hydrologic applications, with a current focus on groundwater science and management.
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  • ...[Zhijing (Zee) Wang]], for their original and continual development of the petrophysical transforms that estimate the elastic properties of pore-fluid saturations. ...chanical properties, and investigated seismic and sonic log interpretation applications. It was shortly thereafter (1981) that I was fortunate enough to be mentore
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  • ...he Kauffman Gold Medal for their original and continual development of the petrophysical transforms that estimate the elastic properties of pore-fluid saturations. ...close friend Zhijing (Zee) Wang. His achievements in rock physics and its applications in reservoir characterization are truly exceptional. Although this award ma
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  • *[ PHASE] (Physics and Applications of Seismic Emission): The goal of the PHASE project is an understanding of ...particularly adapted to Geophysical, Geological and Reservoir Engineering applications.
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  • resonance with applications ranging from reservoir characterization ...resulted in many processing and inversion software packages for practical applications.
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  • ...elastic parameters directly from observed data. Nevertheless, in practice, applications of inversion methods can be grouped in two categories — ''data modeling'' Applications of seismic inversion for data modeling include [[Introduction to deconvolut
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  • ...of Dr. Abubakar’s talk was “Joint Inversion of Multi-Physics Data for Petrophysical and Engineering Properties.” In it, he reviewed the upcoming joint invers ...e abstracts. In addition, he holds four U.S. patents, has five U.S. patent applications under review, and has presented at more than 200 invited and contributed ta
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  • All applications developed in Dario’s work rest on a solid foundation of mathematics and p ...and Interpretation. According to Google Scholar, his paper "Probabilistic petrophysical-properties estimation integrating statistical rock physics with seismic inv
    6 KB (904 words) - 14:02, 23 June 2018
  • images and derived subsurface models; (ii) the development of improved petrophysical relationships between one or more geophysical properties and K; (iii) the e ...ysics measurements for monitoring and time-lapse imaging for hydrogeologic applications. The session invited presentations that demonstrated new approaches to acqu
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  • ..., 2016, Grana et al., 2010), etc., into the geophysical inversion process. Applications range from greenfield exploration in the mining sector to freshwater table ...corresponding geophysical datasets (Moorkamp et al., 2016). Alternatively, petrophysical relationships and rock-physics laws can be used to link the different geoph
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  • as it interfaces well with geologic, petrophysical, and geomechanical applications.
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  • ...recovery projects and locations of infill wells.<ref>Reservoir simulation applications. (n.d.). Retrieved March 21, 2018, from ...tation of the reservoir. It offers seismic structural interpretation, well petrophysical data with known depositional characteristics and 3D volume (porosity, perme
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