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  • ...high rate of production, or the downward encroachment of gas into the oil column.
    315 bytes (49 words) - 16:37, 23 July 2017
  • ...ive fracturing associated with salt diapirism. (Data in (a) courtesy Shell Oil Company and Esso, and data in (d) BP Amoco.) ...[Time slices]] from a 3-D volume of (left column) stacked data, and (right column) time-migrated data using the 3-D poststack phase-shift algorithm ([[Mathem
    3 KB (416 words) - 14:28, 9 October 2014
  • ...tific meeting abstracts, and the What's New in Exploration column in World Oil Magazine (2010). He is a member of AAPG, AGU, an Honorary Member of the Geo
    5 KB (686 words) - 13:53, 17 October 2016
  • ...olleagues undoubtedly led them, often with later help from Milton, to make oil and gas discoveries of global significance in various places in South Ameri ...cognize the revolutionary impact of the computer and did much of the fifth-column work in explaining its intricacies to exploration's rank-and-file.
    30 KB (4,964 words) - 13:13, 17 October 2016
  • [[shale]]. The overall hydrocarbon potential is very prominent for both oil and gas as well.[[File:Cooper basin map.jpg|thumb|408x408px| ...xploration-society-of-australia/conferences/010/010001/pdfs/81.htm Jackson Oil Field]. This field was discovered in 1981. Pipelines transport gas to the m
    7 KB (1,042 words) - 15:11, 16 December 2020
  • ...’s, the Illinois Basin has produced approximately 4.2 billion barrels of oil. 99% of all petroleum found in this basin was derived from the New Albany S ...from <nowiki></nowiki></ref>
    14 KB (2,123 words) - 23:43, 13 December 2020
  • contains one small oil field, one small gas field, and eight additional oil pools surrounding the area<ref>Nicholson, John H. “Stratigraphic Study of [[File:Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 11.52.42 PM.png|thumb|Stratigraphic column and depositional facies of the Palo Duro Basin]]
    8 KB (1,198 words) - 23:56, 13 December 2020
  • ...ent, and second explorationist to merit it, following [[King Hubbert]], of oil reserves forecast fame. ...a clip to the ear's cartilage. The light traversing the cartilage's blood column would actually change color depending on the oxygen concentration, which ca
    32 KB (5,141 words) - 10:11, 18 October 2016
  • written the monthly Geophysical Corner column for the AAPG Explorer to aid cooperation between SEG and AAPG. ” is year, pursued three careers: first as a geophysicist for an oil company, then
    9 KB (1,390 words) - 11:26, 1 September 2014
  • ...ent]]. Lee is known widely among the geophysical community for his popular column "From the Other Side" which appears in "The Leading Edge". ...e writes the always entertaining, often provocative, "From the Other Side" column in TLE.
    12 KB (1,837 words) - 08:17, 24 September 2019
  • ...ars as manager of exploration and production. In 1954 Paul joined Sinclair Oil & Gas Company and is today Chief Geophysicist of that company. He also serv ...early in his professional life, determined that his main goal was to find oil, and he set about to accomplish this aim in a dedicated and competent manne
    9 KB (1,522 words) - 14:04, 17 October 2016
  • ...ack depth migration for in-situ stress evaluation in a fractured carbonate oil reservoir: Predrill prediction of instantaneous shut-in pressure gradients, * 1989 "Attenuation of water-column reverberations using pressure and velocity detectors in a water-bottom cabl
    9 KB (1,146 words) - 00:26, 29 September 2019
  • become editor of the Classroom Notes column in {\em The Mathematica Journal}. developers. The spectrum of users includes oil companies, contractors, government researchers, and academics.
    10 KB (1,560 words) - 06:51, 11 April 2021
  • ...ics for more than a decade. Currently he is the editor of the Bright Spots Column in ''The Leading Edge''. Stockwell serves on several SEG committees. These ...ervation Committee and is coordinator of the “Geophysics Bright Spots” column in The Leading Edge. John was recognized by an SEG Special Commendation in
    13 KB (2,051 words) - 11:09, 18 October 2016
  • 10 km: The seismic method applied to the exploration and development of oil and gas fields is known as ''exploration seismology.'' ...k|bedrock]] [[Dictionary:valley|valley]] with steep flanks. The lithologic column based on [[Dictionary:borehole|borehole]] data indicates a sedimentary sequ
    10 KB (1,434 words) - 16:04, 13 April 2015
  • ...rman in 2006–2007) and is author of the bi-monthly “Interpreter Sam” column in The Leading Edge. Don is also the author of [
    2 KB (265 words) - 13:32, 17 October 2016
  • ...surveys have been used for prospect generation and detailed delineation of oil and gas reservoirs. ...tions]]. Figure 7.0-7 shows an inline (left column) and a crossline (right column) stacked section from a land 3-D survey. Pretend that these two sections ar
    20 KB (3,109 words) - 15:30, 30 September 2014
  • Augment the column array on the right-hand side to the matrix on the left-hand side to obtain ...hout, A. J., 1985, 3-D seismic processing with an eye to the future: World Oil, 201, No. 5, 91–94.</ref> <ref name=ch07r8>Biondi, B., Fomel, S., and Che
    51 KB (7,579 words) - 09:59, 18 April 2018
  • the upcoming converted-wave energy is not transmitted through the water column to reach the recording cable since fluids cannot support shear strain. Thus # Detection of fluid phase change from oil-bearing to water-bearing sands,
    12 KB (1,895 words) - 08:44, 7 October 2014
  • ...ippi river delta. The Aptian source rock is a moderate-high sulfur type of oil and composed of mainly Carbonates. This source rock is considered more “s # Where no major listric (growth fault) systems occur, vertical oil and gas migration will be dominate.
    13 KB (1,937 words) - 22:10, 25 November 2019

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