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  • * 1982 ''Ship Shoal Block 91 field, offshore Louisiana: An evolution of geologic models to conform with current drilling * ''Data reduction, signal analysis, and accuracy of shipboard gravity meter operations,'' [[T. R. LaFehr]]
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  • ...vising exploratory programs. Among his many clients of special note is the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation for which he provided geophysical consultation f ...isiana and, as early as 1939, Paul assembled and operated one of the first offshore seismic crews to pursue a lead he had found while surveying in the Laguna M
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  • ...surveys in the Gulf of Mexico for Shell in 1937, which paved the way for offshore drilling in the Gulf. As an academic Kauffman was no less innovative, he he His early work charted way for offshore drilling 71 years ago, rented shrimp boats aided physicist Sidney Kaufman i
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  • joined CGG, and was first sent to Canada for land operations on the Arctic islands. Subsequent assignments for CGG included marketing at the Houston office, offshore
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  • ...untain range. In total, the basin covers 240,000 km^2, 75,000 km^2 located offshore. dotted line represents the south border of the ANS. NPRA to the west, Arctic Wildlife Range to the east, and Prudhoe Bay in the middle.
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