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  • Baranov, V., 1957, A new method for interpretation of aeromagnetic maps: Pseudo-gravimetric anomalies: Barry, K. M., 1967, Delay time and its application to refraction profile interpretation, in Musgrave, A. W., Ed.,
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  • ...a volume and an accompanying "label" volume consisting of a seismic facies interpretation. You do not need to participate in the workshop to access the data. Both th ===[[SEAM Phase I: Interpretation challenge I - Depth]]===
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  • ...rg/iPage?doi=10.1190/geo2014-0029.1 ''Cooperative constrained inversion of multiple electromagnetic data sets''], [[Michael S. McMillan]] and [[Douglas W. Olde ...ttp:// ''Standard curves for interpretation of magnetic anomalies over long tabular bodies''], [[S. Parker Gay Jr.]]
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  • ''A perspective on 3D surface-related multiple elimination,''] [[William Dragoset]], [[Eric Verschuur]], [[Ian Moore]], [[ ...Page?doi=10.1190%2F1.1444899 ''Use of multiattribute transforms to predict log properties from seismic data,''] [[Daniel P. Hampson]], [[James S. Schuelke
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  • ...080926.1 “Microseismic shearing driven by hydraulic-fracture opening: An interpretation of source-mechanism trends,”] [[James Rutledge]], [[Xin Yu]], [[Scott Lea ...[ “Can we ever trust the shear-wave log?”] [[Arthur C. H. Cheng]]
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  • |[[Dictionary:Interpretation|interpretation]] |[[Dictionary:log analysis|log analysis]]
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  • ...t method. Event A is the water-bottom multiple, and Event B is the peg-leg multiple associated with the top-salt boundary. These multiples are respectively den ...tainties in [[migration velocities]] inevitably cause uncertainties in the interpretation made from migrated sections or volumes of data. For instance, the shape of
    44 KB (6,403 words) - 16:22, 23 September 2014
  • ...crete Radon transform]] ([[Multichannel filtering techniques for noise and multiple attenuation#F.3 Mathematical foundation of the discrete radon transform|Sec, \tilde{E}_k (\omega)\ \text{and}\ \tilde{G}_i (\omega)</math> are the log-amplitude spectra of the individual components in the time domain — ''s<s
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  • === 2012 SEG approves a new journal ''INTERPRETATION'' co-published with AAPG.=== SEG opened a Middle East Office in Dubai and launched a new journal ''INTERPRETATION'', which it will copublish with AAPG
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  • ...presentations of original research in "General Sessions," and analysis and interpretation using shared hydrogeophysical datasets in "Homework Sessions," the workshop ...k to the underlying property distribution; (v) work on the assimilation of multiple geophysical and hydrological data sets, and quantification of the uncertain
    9 KB (1,304 words) - 08:28, 18 April 2017
  • ...[[sound wave]]s. Seismic stratigraphy techniques help us for stratigraphic interpretation of seismic reflectors. It is important because geological concepts of strat ...onformities that form sequence boundaries are the same age when located in multiple basins are located. Vail also believe that eustacy is the main control on u
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  • ...measurements in nonvertical wells and the geostatistical inversion of well-log and surface seismic data for reservoir
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  • #[[log analysis]] #[[resistivity log]]
    4 KB (431 words) - 19:35, 25 August 2020
  • ...and Kim, J. (2015). Seismic attributes and acoustic impedance inversion in interpretation of complex hydrocarbon reservoirs. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 114, pp.6 Many of these rocks properties can be identified by using well log data (gamma ray, water saturation, shale volume) or seismic data (more diff
    9 KB (1,312 words) - 12:42, 24 April 2018
  • ...ete because they have known and definable boundaries from core and/or well log data. <ref name="Clayton2002" /> ...take a long time to generate. Small scale features, such as core and well log data, must usually be scaled up. Large scale features, such as seismic and
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  • ...e uncertainty of position. Integrating the velocity model with sonic data (log data) and surface seismic data provides the best use of the microseismic da ...recovery is possible through integrating both microseismic data and sonic log data. Such calibration gives a clear image about the reservoir’s dipping
    7 KB (957 words) - 19:55, 10 September 2019
  • AVO processing sequences incorporate available well log data early in processing for amplitude verification, velocity calibration, ==QUANTITATIVE INTERPRETATION==
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  • ...for hydrocarbons was the sandstone found in the Atoka Formation. Although multiple zones or reservoirs could be of interest, they pale in comparison to the ga ...several evaluations have been implemented to locate the O/G: AVO, seismic interpretation, anticline, fault. In 1902. First natural gas discovered in Arkoma Basin ne
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  • ...kit conducted the workshop in hopes of teaching the basics of seismic data interpretation to young innovators of India. '''Log Interpretation (15/02/2016)'''
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