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  • ...nt on to work 5 years as Senior Vice-President of Development with Seiscom-Delta Corporation before moving to academia at the University of Houston.<ref nam ...rticle in the field, ''Complex trace analysis'' (GEOPHYSICS, 1979).<ref>M. T. Taner, F. Koehler, and R. E. Sheriff (1979). ”Complex seismic trace anal
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  • The History of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a history of the people who created exploration geophysics and the technologies that have created. It is also a history intertwined with global events. The SEG grew from just a handfull of member
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  • A delta’s morphology or shape is determined by sediment deposition and transport, A delta’s morphology fluctuates depending on the forces acting upon it, both in t
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