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  • <center><math>\mathrm{SG} = \frac{\rho_\mathrm{oil}}{\rho_\mathrm{H_2 O}} </math></center> ...vity is measured in ''degrees API''. 5&deg; to 22&deg; is considered heavy oil; 22&deg; to 31&deg;, medium; greater than 31&deg;, light condensate.
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  • ...mbustion|''in-situ combustion'']] (see individual entries). Other enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods include miscible and chemical flooding.
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  • ...cs at UofC. Furthermore, he served as director of the Consortium for Heavy Oil Research by University Scientists, was associate director of the Consortium ..., reverse time migration, amplitude variation with offset inversion, heavy-oil production, reservoir geophysics, etc. Larry's modesty and friendly nature
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  • of the oil and gas industry. O. Scott Petty, Early Oil Explorer And Geophysicist, Is Dead at 98
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  • ...s in 1919. In doing this he created the means by which most of the world's oil reserves have been discovered. In 1930 he and [[Eugene McDermott]] founded ...d with the United States Bureau of Standards. His assignment was to locate heavy artillery batteries in France by studying [[acoustic waves]] the guns gener
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  • ...e WCSB, Alberta has most of the oil and gas reserves and almost all of the oil sands. ...bution of petroleum from the Exshaw Formation source rock to the Athabasca oil sands is only reproduced by assuming 25 m (82 ft) of mature Exshaw in the k
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  • ...asca basin is home to Swan Hills where a significant amount of light tight oil is becoming more prevalent with a significant reservoir type and reservoir ...humb|300px|right|'''Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin''' Most of Canada's oil and gas production occurs in the [[Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin]] whi
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  • of the continental shelf. Their outdated equipment was borrowed from an oil company that Ewing had worked for. ...t the continental shelf was a thick wedge of sediment (the tidelands where oil forms) underlain by the continental basement. The answer to Field and Bowie
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  • | Company = Humble Oil & Refining Co. ...ce E. Pratt (1885-1981)''' was a petroleum geologist who was leader in the oil and gas industry, both as a businessman and as an innovative applied geosci
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  • oil industry. But it is doubtful that any have contributed so the oil industry. The US Government reguu1arly took advantage of
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  • Following graduation, he joined Continental Oil Company (Conoco) as an assistant operator on a seismic crew working the Gul ...dium is watercolor - not his first choice but as a result of an allergy to oil bases and no interest in acrylics. And the style? Well, the measure of real
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  • In the North Sea, the oil and gas era was in its infancy, and Anders saw potential in this new market ...Geco trademark became purpose-built vessels with width and power to handle heavy tows under rugged conditions, and the rest of the industry had to adapt to
    5 KB (791 words) - 15:07, 29 April 2014
  • ...), tomography, and 2-D and 3-D migration for imaging steam injection heavy oil recovery projects and also the deep interior of the earth. and has recently been commissioned to author a book relating to Alberta oil sands research and development. A member of editorial boards of the Journal
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  • are seismic interferometry and the rock physics of oil shales and heavy oil seismology, he also investigated the shear properties of oil
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  • ...e. Seismic properties of these fluids, such as bulk and shear moduli (yes, heavy oils have a shear modulus) are dominated by the content of high-molecular-w ...], [[Bill Brace]], and [[Joe Walsh]]. He joined the research group of ARCO Oil and Gas where he established an experimental rock physics laboratory in 197
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  • which you took fundamentals in many engineering courses and also extra-heavy doses of mathematics for nontraditional kinds of oil and gas people—physicists,
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  • Physics from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India. He joined the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) of India in 1984 and served ther ...ld at New Orleans. He is a member of SEG, CSEG, CSPG, CHOA (Canadian Heavy Oil Association), EAGE, AAPG, APEGGA (Association of Professional Engineers, Ge
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  • ...of CHORUS is to develop and evaluate seismic methods for monitoring heavy-oil recovery processes. ...olving environmental and engineering problems. ESRI also maintains a major oil and gas fields database and an online geological data catalog.
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  • ...died physics at Brown University. He worked for a brief time with the Pure Oil Company. the Pure Oil Company. He was well read in history, liked discussing politics and social
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  • ...L.V.S. Roos of Texaco, who headed a crew doing [[seismic prospecting]] for oil in the Utah area, and was hired on as Assistant Recorder at $300/month. Ea Also during that Winter and at Pirson's request, Cook built a model of an oil well with an electric logging system. This yielded data and curves which P
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