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  • ...hree instead of the regular four years; this meant a six-straight-subjects regime and reading some 100 books a year for extra credit. ...uld prove to be ne plus ultra. He kept the company afloat through the cash-flow fluctuations of a highly cyclical business. As he used to remark facetiousl
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  • ...high temperatures and pressures are experienced coupled with a low natural flow ability<ref name=":3" />. ...ctured and packed with proppant to be able to produce acceptable levels of flow. These issues are further exacerbated by the HPHT (high pressure high tempe
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  • ...n a deep-water system which can be remnants of when ancient rivers used to flow all the way out into the deep ocean. Ridges can also be present especially ...tration flows commonly develop a distinctive dense basal layer towards the flow front <ref name=Smillie />]]
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