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  • ...of Dallas as a structural engineer. After reading the technical paper, he set off to the public library where he undertook a self-taught crash course in ...aps Nature's most effective way to check overpopulation - prompted them to set 300 pounds of 60% straight nitroglycerin dynamite in an eight-foot hole and
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  •, few shine brightly, some appear and disappear like comets, others only flash for a second in their brief life as a falling star. They all have their fas ...bilities and his achievements in exploration geophysics. Some years ago he set up a seismic processing center at Clausthal, where he is now in charge of p
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  • be a very busy time for me, and it will probably flash by before ...’s not a “silver bullet.” But it is a very valuable geophysical data set.
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  • ...p;cm) set, each with several kinds of display, and later received a K-band set (1&nbsp;cm) which could resolve the structure of a nearby gasholder.<ref na ...for ten seconds or more. But the aluminum motor burned out its throat and set the test stand on fire, which they put out with a Pyrene hand fire extingui
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  • ...ghtly more than half second, the pendulum tags behind the chronometer. The set of apparatus shown here together with its chronometer and along with the Br
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