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  • ...or markets of Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. Overall about 1,800 petroleum wells have been drilled. Due to the Basin's massive size, the production of the now 1,846 wells is doing quite well. New [[Seismic Data Analysis|seismic]] acquisition tech
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  • == Reach for the Future == ...a US$2500 scholarship to the SEG Foundation. The 20th edition of Index of Wells Shot for Velocity was published with 1023 velocity surveys not previously r
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  • ...ment failure. Randy LaFollette reported on his data-mining study of 10,000 wells over the Barnett shale. He found a preferred orientation of well placement ...improvement in microearthquake locations by using two downhole monitoring wells.
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  • ...l evolution was limited by the movement of the oceanic fracture zones that extended beneath the deltas. Compared to the producing tertiary deltas in the Missis ...abundant to be classified as good source rocks, however, the zones rarely reach thicknesses that can produce a lot of oil and the carbon contents are immat
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  • ...on and the Pearsall Shale Formation. <ref> Scott, R. J. (1970, January 1). EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The Maverick Basin: New Technology - New Success. AAPG Datapages/ ...ed production replacement by companies and can eventually result in nearby wells affecting one another (parent-child well interference). When one well is dr
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