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  • a joint program in oceanography with the which developed into the joint graduate-degree program
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  • ...nications Research Establishment at Malvern.) Those were the days of rapid expansion in international oil exploration, and many young electronic engineers were ...include: "The sectional autocorrelogram and sectional retrocorrelogram," a joint paper with Anstey presented at the 1966 EAEG convention: "Ideal filter appl
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  • ...n. She has long been a promoter of geophysics in Venezuela and organized a joint society workshop there on reservoir characterization. She served as chair o ...SEG Women's Network Committee, which she has chaired twice. She steered an expansion of activities to benefit women members in the form of workshops, networking
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  • Then apply Taylor series expansion and retain the first two terms: ...ionNote|D-41}}) of the one-way equation can be found by continued fraction expansion <ref name=ch04r8/>. When equation ({{EquationNote|D-41}}) is rewritten, we
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  • ...tionNote|14a}}). The 45-degre equation is based on the continued fractions expansion (equation {{EquationNote|18}}), which allows wider angle approximations. Kj ...ference migration]] with higher-order approximation: Presented at the 1981 Joint Mtg. Chinese Geophys. Soc. and Soc. Explor. Geophys.</ref> with a different
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  • ...tablished geophysical data center in Moscow; Bulgarian Geophysical Service joint venture of HGS and Enterprise for Geophysical Exploration/Geological Mappin ...g to increase cooperation with geophysicists in Central and South America. Joint SEG/SOVG (Society of Venezuelan Geophysicists) Symposium on "Reservoir Char
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