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  • ...workshop identified the safety and environmental benefits of Seismic While Drilling and sought to accelerate its adoption by the industry. ...esearch personnel gathered to discuss the latest advances in Seismic-While-Drilling (SWD) and the processing and integration of SWD data with other geophysical
    3 KB (419 words) - 18:00, 28 December 2017
  • processing workflows, interpretation, rock physics, log analysis, and drilling challenges. ...ration workflow. The results of the workshop have impacted exploration and drilling strategy, improved current workflows, identified technology gaps, and helpe
    9 KB (1,260 words) - 15:24, 3 January 2018
  • This workshop focused on the role of geophysical technologies in exploring and developing shale gas and tight sand reservoirs. * Economic viability of Geophysics vs. drilling a well
    1 KB (182 words) - 16:00, 3 January 2018