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  • Bostick, F. X., 1986, Electromagnetic array profiling: 56th Ann. Internat. Mtg., Soc. Expl. Geophys., Expanded Coates, G. R., Xiao, L., and Prammer, M. G., 1999, NMR Logging: Principles and applications: Halliburton
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  • been development of patented tools for electromagnetic data acquisition. KMS was sold least nine countries. While building the company, founder Kurt Strack continued his commitment to SEG,
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  • ...research scientist focusing on petrophysics, rock physics, geophysics and electromagnetic techniques. Svein was the project manager from 1997 for the internal Statoi drilling risk is quickly becoming standard practice in some plays and, in 2007, TLE
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  • at Statoil in 1991, where his main area was nuclear magnetic resonance logging. Terje was responsible for a number of projects within EM technology, as we drilling risk is quickly becoming standard practice in some plays and, in 2007, TLE
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  • |[[electromagnetic]] |[[Dictionary:Logging|logging]]
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  • ...hlumberger’s Wireline and Logging-While-Drilling Product Development for electromagnetic, nuclear, and resistivity measurements and their joint inversion and interp ...oll Research Center, where he developed advanced modeling and inversion of electromagnetic and seismic waves. He also worked on algorithms and workflows for joint inv
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  • ...physical methods (such as seismic, gravitational, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic) to measure the physical properties of rocks, and in particular, to detect # [[Electromagnetism|Electromagnetic methods]], such as [[magnetotellurics]], [[ground penetrating radar]] and [
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  • ...n balance in the back, and set it up close to one of the newly-made rotors while it was being balanced at 3,600rpm on the giant factory floor. The balance ...nd at Pirson's request, Cook built a model of an oil well with an electric logging system. This yielded data and curves which Prof. Pirson felt should be pub
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  • ...thors a strategic vision of the future of geophysics and SEG's role in it. While SEG's Annual Meeting is under way in San Antonio, the terrorist attacks of as of 1/1/91. New publications in 1991: Investigations in Geophysics 3: Electromagnetic Methods in Applied Geophysics, Vol. 2: Applications, M. N. Nabighian, Edito
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  • ...ocated near the end of the drillstring. The measurements recorded provide drilling engineers with critical well information so they may make time sensitive de == Electromagnetic Logging ==
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  • ...include directional information (hole inclination, azimuth, tool facing), drilling parameters (bottomhole temperature, pressure, torque, weight-on-bit, RPM), ...refers to the remote collection of borehole data, typically in real time, while the drill string is in place. This phrase is often used to refer to a multi
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