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  • ...s Norge and is now responsible for processing and quantitative analysis of Ekofisk LoFS data. ...cture Biography. ''Permanent Seismic Monitoring: The Ekofisk LoFS (Life of Field Seismic) After Three Years.'' European Association of Geoscientists and Eng
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  • repeated ambient noise surveys at the Valhall Field. His strong collection by the Ekofisk permanent array deployed by ConocoPhillips and
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  • an impressive record of scientific achievement and contributions to the field of exploration geophysics, especially in multicomponent and converted-wave ...lows and applied them to real cases from the Emilio Field in Italy through Ekofisk in the North Sea to Pinedale, Wyoming. It's sometimes said that a successfu
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  • ...his method allows models to be created that aid in future development of a field.[[File:MagnitudevsDistance.jpeg|thumbnail|Figure 1: Plot of magnitude of fr ...|thumbnail|right|Figure 2: Schematic of treatment and monitoring well in a field. Distance between the wells is significant as it affects the model created
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