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  • ...scipline and as near to that as possible in related disciplines. Next, the management environment needs to be correct--by openly encouraging creativity, rewardin idea "off the cuff” and in a hallway. A good idea is too precious to waste. Do not expect the results of your initial meeting to be a positive “Than
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  • ...description, artificial intelligence, reservoir management, well control, drilling design and analysis, and artificial lift. and gas discovery and recovery optimization; geophysics; environmental, waste-disposal, and hydrogeologic studies; coastal processes; and coal and minera
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  • ...gement, Frac Focus,</ref> been used for more than 60 years, its wider application with horizontal drilling over the last decade has led to public debate over its benefits and risks.
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  • technology center in Dallas ... De Regt Special Cable Ireland completed management buyout from N.V. Verto, Netherlands ... National Science Foundation grant o ...third series, Geotechnical Applications, started in August with "Hazardous waste geophysics," by A.R. Foster, M.D. Veatch, and S.L. Baird. SEG's 4th Annual
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  • * Office of Administration and Resources Management (OARM) * Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM)
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  • ...waste, ancient burials, and anything that someone may want to find without drilling or digging. He is best known for his participation in a number of archaeolo ..., and Malawi. He shows remarkable commitment, great project leadership and management skills, and the ability to align sponsor involvement. The results of his hu
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