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  • ...odem paleoceanography, which is now being furthered by deep-sea scientific drilling.) A code was devised so Ewing could keep tabs of the daily booty of data. W photography, air-gun sound sources, deepwater sampling for radioactive measurements, nephelometry measurements, 3.5 kHz s
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  • ...integrated method for seismic geohazard prediction ahead of the bit while drilling.''] [[Cengiz Esmersoy]], [[Arturo Ramirez-Cuellar]], [[Sharon Teebenny]], [ ...oi=10.1190%2F1.2202662 ''High-resolution multicomponent seismic imaging of deepwater gas-hydrate systems,''] [[Milo M. Backus]], [[Paul E. Murray]], [[Bob A. Ha
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  • * 2013 [ "Dual-well 3D VSP in deepwater made possible by DAS,"] [[Albena A. Mateeva]] co-authors: [[Jeff Mestayer]] ...ffshore Louisiana: An evolution of geologic models to conform with current drilling activity,'' [[Rosanne Roux]]
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  • ...Conference and to serve on the Technical Program Committee of the 2015 SEG Deepwater Exploration Workshop in Shenzhen, China. He was also invited to serve as th ...a prospect in the Gulf of Mexico, which was later developed by horizontal drilling, resulting in a commercial gas field.
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  • ...ently served on the National Academy of Energy committee investigating the Deepwater Horizon accident and the Secretary of Energy’s committee on shale gas dev Geomechanics and was co-principal investigator of SAFOD, the scientific drilling project that drilled and sampled the San Andreas Fault at a depth of 3 km.
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  • |[[Dictionary:deep water|deepwater]] |[[Dictionary:Measurement-while-drilling_(MWD)|measurement while drilling (MWD)]]
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  • ...a<ref name=":3">Close, F., McCavitt, R. D., & Smith, B. (2008, January 1). Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Development Challenges Overview. Society of Petroleum Engine ...ith the great depth that must be drilled poses a multitude of problems for drilling design. Near the surface there are faults and unpredictable narrow veins of
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  • ...e from Petro Canada to serve as cochief scientist for Leg 121 of the Ocean Drilling Program on a cruise aboard D/V Joides Resolution in the Indian Ocean ... in ...eanographic Sciences signed an agreement to explore 150 000 sqare miles of deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico using the GLORIA system ... John E. Chance & Associat
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  • | image = [[File:SEG-SBGf-SPE Deepwater Workshop Logo.jpg|200px|thumb|center|Joint SEG/SBGf/SPE Workshop]] ...aracterized by poor to limited seismic imaging and resolution, challenging drilling and high development costs. The complexities of this environment lead to hi
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  • ...eanGEO, USA, Describes the Geophysical Benefits of Ocean Bottom Seismic in Deepwater Exploration. Seismic on the Seafloor. Retrieved March 20, 2018, from https: .... This is a very large advantage for oil companies looking into deep water drilling.
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  • ...">Zúñiga-Rivero, F., Keeling, J.A., and Hay-Roe, H., 1998b, Peru onshore-deepwater basins should have large potential: Oil and Gas Journal, Oct. 19, 1998, p. ...n the basin. The Talara Basin has been home to at least 40 oil fields with drilling taken place throughout many of the formations found within the area <ref na
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  • .../>. High pressure zones are developed in this zone which creates risks in drilling activities such as a [[Dictionary:Blowout|blowout]] or stuck pipe and diffi ...Petroleum Society of Canada. doi:10.2118/90-75</ref> It will influence the drilling safety and production if the over-pressure zones cannot be identified and h
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  • domes and porous carenites. Overall, the oil accumulation occurred by [[Deepwater|deep water]] fans distributed on the stratigraphic column from the late cre lie bellow a [ salt canopy] that has variable thicknes
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  • == Deepwater == ...on]] and reduction of computing time. This has been led by the interest in deepwater reservoir exploration and production and consequently, the acquisition of d
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