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  • “Unexpectedly,” Ewing wrote in 1955 in an unpublished report on the history of Lamont, “we were able to measure the thickness of the b ...a scientific drilling.) A code was devised so Ewing could keep tabs of the daily booty of data. Worzel explains, “Each type of measurement could be report
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  • the Gulf of Mexico for Shell in 1937, which paved the way for offshore drilling in the Gulf. As an academic Kauffman was no less innovative, he head the Co His early work charted way for offshore drilling 71 years ago, rented shrimp boats aided physicist Sidney Kaufman in quest f
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  • His father commuted by train daily to Philadelphia where he owned a wholesale grocery business; he chose to li ...ary issue of the Profile he receives a progress report on an oil well he's drilling - or he stops to sign a check for the Red Cross - or he may take a break to
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  • ...Weber oil resource at Rangely Field.<ref name=Reinecke>Reinecke, K., 2002, Drilling history of the Piceance Basin [Abstract], AAPG Search and Discovery Article ...momentous increase over the 1.6 trillion cubic feet estimated by the USGS report in 2003.<ref name=Now /> In addition, the Mesaverde Group contains an estim
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