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  • ...mber 36 in the energy industry), Houston Business Journal (2010 Enterprise Champion award), and numerous other accolades. Through Peter’s leadership, MicroSe so important that it grows rapidly and creates significant value in the process.
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  • ...uck, each geophone position required a shot of dynamite - a time consuming process. So to compensate for the meagerness of equipment, working 12-15 hours a da Emerging as an outspoken champion of conservative Republican principles, the media took notice of Salvatori a
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  • projects to acquire, process, and interpret multicomponent seismic data. He served as a champion of
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  • ...cquire, process, and interpret multicomponent seismic data and served as a champion of shear-wave exploration within the company. Steve was an acknowledged ind
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  • apply new technology. In 1997, an opportunity arose to champion a breakthrough research project we called Remote CSEM in our exploration process, including risking new plays
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  • ...Municipal Water District; was on land use review boards, and was forever a champion of using science and engineering to make smart decisions on society's behal's focus became improving the efficiency and precision of the production process. Eventually, he oversaw research to develop new versions of the airborne g
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