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  • High variability in pressures can cause high instability inside of the borehole, leading to poorer quality measurements if well logs are being [[Logging Wh ...of blowouts increases along with the risk of higher instability inside the borehole. Higher overpressures push the two gradient curves closer, making the job o
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  • ...count for the roughness of the borehole. This averaging is referred to as borehole compensation. ...en produce eight separate logs and could provide borehole corrected data. Borehole correction accounts for hole size and mud-resistivity.
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  • ...ction programs through pore pressure related kicks, blow-outs and wellbore instability. Shales ...tification and lithology determination, time-lapse seismic interpretation, borehole geophysics and pore pressure prediction,
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  • ...strata also record the onset of the Laramide orogeny, a period of crustal instability and compressional tectonics that commenced in early Maastrichtian time and instability that began during Late Cretaceous time and ended
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  • ...y. This instability can create "corners" to the breakout, forming a square borehole. Essentially, a common drilled well trajectory in the Eastern Venezuelan Ba
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