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  • ...ting gun, a device used to perforate or open holes in casing so that fluid can flow into the borehole.
    965 bytes (153 words) - 12:54, 16 April 2017
  • .... While most effective with fresh mud, an induction log can be recorded in air-filled boreholes or moderately conductive muds. A [[Special:MyLanguage/Dict
    2 KB (246 words) - 21:33, 4 January 2020
  • An [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:air_gun|''air gun'']] (q.v.) that can be operated in an open borehole or in soft mud. Often about 150 in<sup>3</s
    278 bytes (41 words) - 21:52, 21 February 2017
  • ...coherent noise</b> such as unwanted modes of wave travel like ground roll, air wave, etc. The distinction between random and coherent is often a matter of
    689 bytes (104 words) - 23:56, 10 April 2019
  • recorded and timed. The distance from the energy source to the sonobuoy can be determined by the arrival time of the wave which travels directly throug
    1 KB (217 words) - 15:08, 8 May 2018
  • be achieved with proper corrections (mainly for moisture content of the air). Line-of-sight limited. Trade name of Tellurometer, Ltd.
    644 bytes (90 words) - 23:11, 21 August 2018
  • ==Expertise I can offer== * [[Dictionary:air gun|air gun]]
    8 KB (1,133 words) - 14:18, 17 October 2015
  • SEG can be truly proud and grateful to honor the contributions of Mr. O. S. Petty t about 20 feet into the air, and that a second explosion occurred in the air, under the cone, scattering it in all directions, raining lumps as big as c
    27 KB (4,632 words) - 15:15, 17 October 2016
  • ...military service includes an assignment as professor of mathematics at the Air Force Academy. ...eous and intuitive perception of its various bearings and consequences. He can design the survey in all its practical aspects and anticipate any difficult
    4 KB (639 words) - 16:40, 29 April 2014
  • During World War II he was statistical consultant to the U.S. Air Force and USAF project science advisor for earth, sea and air in the Nixon administration.
    17 KB (2,848 words) - 11:38, 23 February 2015
  • ...says. "You just couldn't pay men like that enough money. The only credit I can take is having selected them." ...oints out that during his decades as president, Aero did not have a single air fatality despite flying frequently at dangerously low altitudes over unexpl
    19 KB (3,206 words) - 18:42, 11 October 2013
  • ...und. One of its tenets was that the various temperature layers in seawater can refract sound (not unlike earth strata) and thus shield submarines from son ...nd Ranging system--[[SOFAR]] was the Navy’s acronym-had possibilities in air-sea rescue, relief of submarines under attack, location of unknown sea moun
    29 KB (4,456 words) - 10:40, 16 September 2020
  • ...te-of-the-art MIT Whirlwind vacuum-tube mainframe. And only in perspective can it be said now that GAG (Treitel et al, listed in Geophysics, June 1967, p. ...m in Tulsa, then a town with a livable quarter-million census and pristine air, seemed a good place to start a job search. A telegram informed the directo
    27 KB (4,323 words) - 17:53, 31 August 2020
  • "Post-WWII, the US Air Force brought in a number of German scientists," remembers Mayne. "Wernher ...'ground roll' and other extraneous low-frequency noise, wider-band filters can generally be used. They are preferable because reflection character and app
    32 KB (5,141 words) - 11:11, 18 October 2016
  • ..."Lady Luck" and to the stubborn and resourceful nature of Frank Rieber, we can thank the events that led to the early development of reproducible recordin ...ere: spark photographs of reflection and diffraction of sound waves in the air to simulate the action of seismic waves in the earth, animated drawings of
    21 KB (3,414 words) - 13:55, 10 September 2014
  • ...ssfully during the war. Other more advanced weapons were later used by the Air Force. ...ynamometer to a makeshift wind tunnel. He extrapolated results obtained at air speeds of 60 miles per hour to the range of 750 to 900 miles per hour. His
    14 KB (2,283 words) - 11:44, 18 October 2016
  • ...r. The ultimate sailing system is a combination of two "kites," one in the air and one in the water, with the sailor in between. .... The reporter asked, "How is it possible that such a learned man like you can write such a simple and lucid story?" The answer to that silly but understa
    4 KB (655 words) - 16:47, 6 December 2013
  • ...for Honorary Membership. In the small space allotted for this citation we can mention only the highlights of his distinguished career. ...une 6, 1944. For this feat, he was awarded the Bronze Star by the 9th U.S. Air Force with a citation which stated, in part, "He shares a great deal of the
    5 KB (792 words) - 13:30, 17 October 2016
  • ...ponsible is truly deserving of an award. Stephen Chelminski developed "the air gun" and is rightly cited for the 1975 Kauffman Gold Medal Award in recogni ...bic-inch capacity to 2000 cubic-inch capacity, somewhere, at all times, an air gun is being fired.
    3 KB (478 words) - 12:05, 23 February 2015
  • ...r our first cup of coffee in the morning and ask each other, ‘Well, what can we invent today?’ In this sense, I don’t think that the title of ‘fat ...cribed a later model as "a strange monster who raises his posterior in the air and then has a chill."
    28 KB (4,594 words) - 14:09, 17 October 2016

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