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  • ..., 1991, Comparison of the least-squares criterion and the Cauchy criterion in frequency-wavenumber Annan, P. and Cosway, S. W., 1992, Ground-penetrating radar survey design, in Bell, R. S., Ed., Proc. Symp. on
    40 KB (5,282 words) - 16:45, 23 February 2016
  • ...for his competence as a researcher and for the many scientific discoveries in the field of exploration geophysics. ...k Levin, one of the pioneers of modern exploration geophysics, passed away in October 2014 at age 92. Frank distinguished himself as one of the most inno
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  • The SEG recognizes those authors whose papers received Honorable Mention in the search for [[Best Paper in Geophysics]].
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  • academic authorities on rock physics. He applies rock processes in the Earth’s crust and lithosphere, a major thrust
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  • ...variety of laboratory and field-based projects, all with a rock physics or rock mechanics theme. To do this we maintain capabilities for high-pressure labo ...a/s/ SAIG] (Signal Analysis and Imaging Group): Our research interests are in the area of seismic signal analysis with emphasis on SNR enhancement, imagi
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  • | series = Investigations in Geophysics ...e the underlying assumptions in estimating [[Dictionary:Acoustic_impedance|acoustic impedance]] and [[Dictionary:AVO|AVO]] attributes.
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  • | series = Investigations in Geophysics ...g the propagation path in the subsurface. The equation of wave propagation in elastic solids are derived by using Hooke’s law and Newton’s second law
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  • ...ts. The SEG grew from just a handfull of members, of a local society based in Houston SEG opened a Middle East Office in Dubai and launched a new journal ''INTERPRETATION'', which it will copublis
    162 KB (23,950 words) - 10:27, 20 June 2016
  • ...evolution of an effective [ source rock] in the context of petroleum exploration and exploitation. ...oitable hydrocarbons in a sedimentary basin, which are determining factors in risk analysis for both conventional and unconventional plays.
    7 KB (1,116 words) - 13:08, 4 January 2018
  • ...d when there is a change in the pore fluid. The remanence of gas molecules in a reservoir changes the P-wave velocity to create a false [[ bright spot ]] ...saturations of gas remain in the rock layers and brighten up the Amplitude in a DHI. The amplitude anomalies or bright spots caused by the Fizz Gas can b
    5 KB (723 words) - 22:07, 22 July 2018
  • nominator: “These studies provide insight for field applications when in-situ conditions are imperfect, which is almost always the case.” ...ition at Chevron and now at the South University of Science and Technology in China, we continued our collaboration, and more importantly, our friendship
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  • ...., and Lis, G. L., (2016). Interpreting total organic carbon TOC in source rock oil plays: SPE-183050-MS, ...t|'''Figure 1:''' Total organic carbon detected in a 2-D seismic line from acoustic impedance inversion and calculated from surrounding wells.<ref name="S4" />
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